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The Hardstuck Podcast Ep. 2 – “All aboard the Meta Train”

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Missed the live broadcast? Watch the full episode here.


Five months ago, the Hardstuck Podcast premiered with an interview with Mightyteapot, the man behind our whole operation. We thought there would be no better ice-breaker into the field of podcasts than to hear how our community came to be from the person that started it all. In case you’ve missed out on that juicy Hardstuck lore, you can watch the full episode here.
Since then, one of the hosts, Will, had to step down indefinitely due to significant changes in his schedule, which left the initiative pending. Now, as we wait for the return of Will, our Lord and Saviour, we’ve decided to continue this series of laid-back encounters.

The Hardstuck Podcast returns this Saturday, January 21 at 18:00 CET • 17:00 GMT • 9:00 PT • 12:00 ET. Tune in to our Twitch channel to watch the event live!


In our upcoming episode, we will talk about the Hardstuck Meta Train, while taking a look at the forces that keep this activity running constantly. There are several “train conductors” in our community, but perhaps the most notorious one is Darens, a pioneer in insanely unhinged gaming. The man streams twice a day, almost every day, for what probably amounts to 10+ hours of absolutely relentless blasting. But who exactly is Darens, and why is he so dedicated to the Meta Train? Is this perhaps some funky cult he secretly lures people into, until no other game-mode in Guild Wars 2 will ever be touched again? Is he extremely driven, simply bored or actually insane? If you have any burning questions, this will be the perfect time to chime in. Heck, we can even get a bit more personal; perhaps you want to know about Darens’ obsession with the Don Juan Aji Chileno Crema (240g)? And what is he really hiding in his fridge? Tune in, and you just might find the answers to your questions!

One thing is certain: Darens’ admirable yet questionable schedule is of great service to the community! Nowadays Darens is –luckily– not alone in his mission anymore; other players have seen his efforts and found great inspiration in him, so much so that they’ve started leading their own trains, to provide players with more available spots to partake in some fun, laid-back farming. Kad, aka Von_Nui, is one such player; he will also be our other guest in Episode 2 and perhaps he can tell you how he’s been lured into this absolute meta frenzy!


Grab a cup of tea, cocoa –or any cosy drink of your choice– and a fuzzy blanket and join our host, The Legendary Lyn, this Saturday for a nice, little chat. If you can’t make it, don’t worry: we will upload all episodes on our YouTube channel. Just make sure to clear an hour or two in your schedule for Episode 3!
We can’t wait to see you there! Until then, stay cosy everyone!

The Hardstuck Team


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