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Masters of the Arena Qualifier #3: Sign up now!

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Hello everyone!

Get out your calendar, because it’s time for the 3rd and final qualifier of Masters of the Arena. This qualifier will take place on the 24th of July, and will feature both an EU bracket and an NA bracket. The EU bracket will start at 5 PM CEST / 11 AM EST and the NA bracket will start at 9 PM CEST / 3PM EST.

Quick Rules

This tournament qualifier will feature a double elimination format, where upper bracket games are a ‘best of 3’ and lower bracket games are a ‘best of 1,’ with the lower bracket finale comprising a ‘best of 3.’ Both EU and NA will have a seperate bracket. The teams who reach the Grand Finale in each bracket will both qualify to play in the next installment of Masters of the Arena.

For any additional rules and in-game restrictions please read our full rules here.


Estimated Gold Prize Pool : 10.000 gold

EU and NA Bracket

4th Place : 8% of gold prize pool.

3rd Place : 10% of gold prize pool.

2nd Place : 12% of gold prize pool.

1st Place : 16% of gold prize pool.


25 gold per match win for teams outside of the top 4!

8% of total prizepool is designated for bounty prizing, any leftover gold will be saved for the Masters of the Arena Tournament.


We’d be delighted with any extra assistance in funding this prize pool. Please send any item donations to MightyTeapot.2093 in-game and you’ll be added to our contributers list!

Sign Up Now!

Drag your team into The Mists and sign up now by clicking this link! Be sure to thoroughly read the rules and if you have any questions or problems you can contact the TheLegendaryLyn#5880 on the Hardstuck Discord.

Join Us!

Join the talk in our competitive discord: Hardstuck Competitive Discord

If you aren’t already, join our main discord: Hardstuck¬† Discord

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