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Gamers, rise up for the Ready Check Cup!

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Over the past year since our last raiding tournament, we have been brewing all sorts of ideas and concoctions to keep the community engaged. We have been listening to your numerous requests to bring raiding competitions back and today we are officially announcing their return with our brand-new Ready Check Cup! Designed to be the entry point for raid speed-running in our community, the Ready Check Cup means to reinvigorate the raiding scene, while introducing newer raiders to some sweaty-but-friendly competition. We anticipate this being a relatively frequent event that happens every 3-6 months. Polish your armours and get your strategies straight: the showdown is unfolding on Saturday, December 17 at 5PM GMT.


The upcoming edition of this tournament is a fundraiser for Cure Rare Disease, a charity that focuses on developing advanced therapeutics for those who have been diagnosed with rare, genetic and currently untreatable diseases. One of our organizers, Sneb, is particularly passionate about this cause, as his younger brother is affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). You can hear more about Sneb’s personal involvement as well as his welcome message to all participants here:

All future instalments of this tournament will be part of a larger, cross-game, fundraiser. We are truly excited that the Guild Wars 2 community can contribute to such an incredible cause!


Our goal with this tournament is to inspire more participation and excitement among the raiding scene. In the future, we would like to hold this same type of tournament quarterly, with an adjacent, but higher-tier tournament at a similar cadence. It’s always exciting to see high-level players returning to the game and show a desire to compete. With that in mind, we aim to provide an invitational tournament in the new year. We are raiders. We love competition, and we’re thrilled to see gripping, high-level gameplay in the near future!

To achieve these goals, we need a healthy scene at all levels.
Teams and their members must show good sportsmanship. Respect each other and treat others how you would want to be treated. Should problems arise, speak with the admins politely. Do not harass the admins. Do not flame, insult, rage, or otherwise show a lack of sportsmanship. Poor behaviour will result in potential disqualification and bans from future competitions.


Entering the Ready Check Cup is easy-peasy! The team leader should:

  • Register the team here.
  • Ask all team members to sign-up here.

If you have any problems signing up, contact mightyteapot#8762 on Discord. Registration will close 24 hours before tournament start time.

If you’re a “free agent” looking to participate and have some fun, there will be channels within the Hardstuck and Skein Gang Discord servers to organize teams!


We reserve the right to ban players who do not meet the spirit of this competition.

  • You cannot hold a record, past or present, for 10-person content (Raids and Strikes).
  • You cannot hold the Community Hero title.*
  • No past players that were invited to raid tournaments.
  • Each team should have a maximum of 12 on the roster. Two players are substitutes.
  • Participants need to be in the same guild for our registration system to work.

*Some exceptions apply. Griffon Tournament and Low-intensity Build Competition.


The tournament will have four rounds.

  1. Qualification Round: Spirit Vale
  2. Quarter Finals: Salvation Pass
  3. Semi-finals: Stronghold of the Faithful
  4. Finals: Best of 3 – Bastion of the Penitent, Spirit Vale, Salvation Pass

Matches have a maximum duration of 30 minutes. Should the competing teams hit the time limit, the team who has had the best attempt wins (closest to 0%).


No exploits! Before considering using any questionable skip or tactic, you should ask if it is permissible. To make this event more entry level friendly, all dialog skips are not allowed. Additionally, reloading an instance to skip dialog is also not allowed.
The players playing in a raid wing should remain the same throughout the match, you are allowed to swap players out between matches or rounds. Relogging to change profession is allowed.


Streaming requirements:

  • A minimum of one player from each team must be streaming and provide us with the link prior to the event, so it can potentially be showcased. The quality of the stream must be set to a minimum of 720p, preferably 1080p. The team name must be displayed on stream. Team logos are also welcome to be showcased.
  • A team leader must (temporarily) be in the Hardstuck Competitive guild. Guild chat will be used for a countdown and to signal teams to start by saying “GO!”.
  • Team members must play on the account they signed up with. Team members must have included their account API key. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification.



Prizes sponsored by ArenaNet.

  • 1st Place – Community Hero, 800 gems/player, 1 Community Chest
  • 2nd Place – Community Hero, 400 gems/player
  • 3rd-4th Place – 400 gems/player


The in-game gold pool starts at min. 20000 gold, with 10% of the gold prize pool reserved to be randomly awarded (via raffle) to players who participated in the qualification rounds, but did not make it to the quarter finals.

  • 1st place: 40% of gold prize pool
  • 2nd place: 20% of gold prize pool
  • 3rd/4th place 10% of gold prize pool
  • 5 through 8th: 5% of gold prize pool


  • $1,000 – World Record Drakkar run returns.
  • $2,500 – Dragon’s End fire wizards only.
  • $5,000 – Scuffedcraft returns – impromptu Starcraft 2 tournament.
  • $7,500 – Sneb and Teapot do a blindfolded W2 raid together.
  • $10,000 – Sneb and Teapot are forced to play only core elementalist and not complain about it. Every complaint = 25g giveaway to chat.
  • $12,500 – Teapot and Sneb have to do duo no gear Level 1-80 core story series on mesmer and revenant.
  • $15,000 – Teapot does safari HTCM training on NA. Sneb officially joins Condor Dusk.


To ensure fairness, players must remain in the starting position, i.e. loading and not moving. If you move, you can /gg, respawn, and stay still.

  1. Spirit Vale
    Teams can get the order of the guardians as they wish. After the desired order is found, the team must /gg, respawn and wait for the start signal without moving.
  2. Salvation Pass
    Teams load into the instance and wait for the start signal without moving.
  3. Stronghold Of The Faithful
    Teams can have Glenna in the ready state, such that upon talking to her, she will have the option to immediately start the escort event. This is achieved by moving near her, triggering her dialogue and then typing /gg, respawning and waiting for the start signal without moving.
  4. Bastion Of The Penitent
    Teams can have Glenna in the ready state, such that upon talking to her, she will have the option to immediately start her movement to spawn Cairn. This is achieved by moving near her, triggering her dialogue and then typing /gg, respawning and waiting for the start signal without moving.

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