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Fractals reborn? Hop in and check our guide and builds.

Today, Arena Net released a patch introducing significant changes to Mistlock Instabilities. Most Instabilities have been reworked to reward players for properly handling their mechanics. These changes are sure to create some interesting counterplays! With such Fractal tweaks, some of you may want to hop back into this game mode, and some may be willing to give it a shot for the first time. We know how overwhelming Agony resistance, Tiering systems, Mist Potions, Mistlock Masteries, and Instabilities can be, which is why we've prepared an introductory guide which explains all of this, and more! You will have your first character ready to try out Fractals in no time! With this introductory guide, you will learn about every system in Fractals; how to gear, how to prepare, and where to start. When you are ready, you can jump right into…