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The Team Builder is live!

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Welcome Gamers! Today we have some exciting news about the Team Builder and other improvements. Be sure to check out this post for all the updates.

Team Builder

We are very excited to share that the Team Builder is finally live! The developers worked hard to make this feature a robust, intuitive tool. Using the Team Builder, you can pre-organize 10-player squads for Raids and Strike Missions. In the future, we plan to extend this tool to support 5-player parties as well.

You can access the Team Builder here.

If you find any bugs, missing information, or anything unusual, please feel free to contact dani#5703 on Discord.


With this launch, we have added a new section to our navigation bar called “Tools”. Currently, this nascent category contains Team Builder and PlenBot, but we plan to add more useful tools to it in the future.

But wait, what is PlenBot?

Excellent question! PlenBot is an all-in-one solution for your ArcDPS logs!

PlenBot contains features such as:

  • automatically posting ArcDPS logs to Twitch chat and Discord.
  • automatically updating ArcDPS.
  • supporting ArcDPS add-ons such as Boon Table, Heal Stats, Weekly Clears, etc.
  • supporting Aleeva and GW2Bot.

PlenBot is made by our amazing Plenyx, so make sure to check it out.

Information and other Features.

The Future

With new content comes new guides: we have started working on a guide for the new Old Lion’s Court Strike Mission. Don’t worry, we have not forgotten about Harvest Temple CM! It will just take a bit more time than usual to finish the guide due to the complexity of the encounter.

Additionally, we will start working on guides for Raid Challenge Modes and Fractal Challenge Modes as soon as we can, and will work hard to make them at the same caliber as our other guides!

There also could be a Raid tournament happening on December 17th. Or not. We will see next week.

Join us!

If you enjoy the content we’ve made and want to be kept in the loop about what’s happening in all game modes and in Guild Wars 2 as a whole, you should join our Discord!

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