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Champions of the Mists

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Greetings gamers, as some of you saw in our previous post we are launching a GvG tournament to find out who is the best of the best. Well today, today is the start of the Champions of the Mists.

A quick recap of the tournament:

  • 22 EU guilds and 12 NA guilds are battling it out from today, May 30th to June 19th
  • The top 8 EU and top 4 NA guilds will fight to be the best of their region from June 19th to June 24th
  • The Top EU and NA guilds will battle in the global finals on June 27th

Prizepool:Currently the gold pool is at around 130k Gold. This will be split amongst the top 8 guilds (4 from each region). Donations are certainly welcome, and can be sent in game to:

  • guild mm.4269
  • MightyTeapot.2093
  • Roy.5639

PLEASE SEND ITEMS NOT LIQUID GOLDPlease make sure you specify that you are donating for the GvG Tournament. You will be honored in our end credits scene so thank you very much <3

Streams:We will have several streams throughout the duration of the Tournament. Most GvG’s, and specifically the Regional/Global Finals will be streamed on either:

Guild MM Teapot

Secondary streams will also be available, either as Guild PoVs or for some of the qualifier matches. They can be found at:

Roy ebattletv (Spanish cast) theherko pubbles berk94 (German cast) luna_darkblade ([Name] PoV in German) armageddongamingtv (Italian Cast) majorfullofmiss (sQ PoV)

Trailer: Our team worked hard on getting a hype trailer built for today’s reveal so please enjoy our hard work

Thank you all for your love and please please please cheer on your favorites over on the official tournament discord.

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