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Colorblind mode commanding

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What we want to talk about today is color blindness, there are more than 350 million colorblind people in the world (and only 1 million strong players in GW2 ūüėČ), so it’s very important to think about them while we are playing.

Here is a quick overview of how different tags available in GW2 can be seen by people suffering from color blindness.

Disclaimer: Those are only filters trying to simulate basic types of color blindness, people struggle with different stages of this disability and it’s not uncommon to have mixed types of color deficiencies.

So, what tag to pick?

Short version: pick , then , if you need more than 2 commanders on map, or  are your 3rd option ( being a safer pick). Additionally pick catmander tag to differentiate yourself even more.

Instruct new players to Ctrl+T commander for additional marker, or use their “Set Personal Target” keybind for ¬†marker.

Why not others?

Because blues mix with greens very often, reds with greens in some cases, and some people instead seeing blue and purple, will see “blurple” (amazing name stolen from Rediche), that’s ¬†should always be your first pick.

is only other tag in game that will stay “colorful” for most players, no matter their colorblind type.

As for 3rd tag, there is really not a good choice, some types of color blindness will be left behing, but if you need it for example during Chak/DE/TT meta events, pick  or  (where is better overall pick for multiple color deficiency types, and  is easier distinguished for those who do not see it as almost white). And ideally, use catmander tag for this pick ( or ).

You should avoid using , , and on one map, as they will look way too similar for most colorblind players, same goes for  and , and in both cases, adding  into the mix will cause most colorblind players go insane.

It goes without saying, that very common   combination is the worst you can choose for colorblind players.

Additionally, think about players with regular vision, blues, reds, greens will mix up with all the nameplates (squad/party), grass, platform colors, AoEs etc. In the end, best picks for colorblind players will often be best picks for players with regular vision.


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