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Community Response Party

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Hardstuck is back at it again by organising another PvE tournament. This time it will be all about Dragon Response Missions! INTRODUCING THE HARDSTUCK COMMUNITY RESPONSE PARTY (HCRP)!

The tournament will feature a double elimination bracket format wherein every match two teams will duke it out LIVE on the 3RD AND 4TH OF JULY 5 PM CEST over at for a chance at part of a 10k in-game gold prize pool.

Prizing will keep increasing by the time the submissions deadline is reached, so feel free to send more items over at Super Fohd.6245 if you would like to contribute!


1st place: 50% of the total prize pool

2nd place: 25% of the total prize pool

3rd place: 15% of the total prize pool

4th place: 10% of the total prize pool

The team that manages to take 1st place will also get a special prize that will be announced at a later date!

Quick rules:

Tournament will be a randomly seeded double elimination format, where upper bracket matches are a best of 3 and lower bracket matches are a best of 1.
A team can range from 2-5 players. A team can for example use five players in one match but only use 2 players in another. There needs to be at least one player streaming in the instance.
Consumables are fully enabled (eg. United Legion Waystation, planks, shovels) We really want to give teams the oppertunity to use every available mechanic of the game to gain the upper edge on the other team. (check the full rules exceptions).

Sign up now and good luck preparing and we hope to see you all in July!

Join the conversation over at the tournament discord

If you’re interested in more events like these then the best way to know when they’re happening is to join the main Hardstuck Discord Server and become Hardstuck with us!

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