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Drift Masters

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It’s Time To Go FAST!

Ladies and gentlemen, salads and charr… start your engines! It’s time to kick off the first Hardstuck beetle racing tournament.

The Hardstuck Drift Masters tournament takes place on saturday, May 7th, at 20:00 CEST!

Beetle racing is one of the most adrenaline-fueling, heartbeat-raising, crazy insane technical things you can do in Guild Wars 2. And now, you can participate in the action with the Hardstuck Drift Masters, held entirely in the custom built Hardstuck Drift Masters guild hall track. You can start practicing now by joining the practice squad on /sqjoin Hardstuck Eu, and teleporting into the isle of reflection waypoint.

Tournament Structure & Bracket System

In beetle racing, one of the most exciting things to do is beetle-to-beetle racing action. We want everyone to be able to have that experience, and that’s why its important that you can race against people of similar skill level. We decided to create two brackets within the tournament: the open and pro bracket. Anyone can join the open bracket; for the pro bracket, an initial mass start qualifying race will determine the twelve racers who will race in the pro bracket.

Pro Bracket

Those who are qualified for the pro bracket races are immediately seeded into two semifinals of 6 racers each. Similarly to the open bracket, all pro bracket semifinalists are guaranteed to winning gold prizes. The top 3 of each semifinal qualifies for the grand finale!

Open Bracket

The open bracket will then be divided into 5 groups for the open bracket group phase. From those groups, the 4 fastest beetles will qualify to the open bracket semifinals, for a total of 20 semifinalists. If you are qualified for the semifinals, you are guaranteed big gold rewards! See the prizing section for more details. From each semifinal 4 racers can qualify for the final race, for a total of 8 finalists.


To keep the tournament smooth and fair for everyone, there are a couple of rules to keep in mind:

  1. The beetle mount is the only mount that you are allowed to use in any of the races, you must have it unlocked on your account to participate.
  2. During a race in a guild hall, if you accidentally leave/fall off the course, you may get back onto the track by any means possible, and resume from the position where you fell off. This includes using bond of faith and a flying mount to regain the position.
  3. Use of all of the mount utility skills (bond of vigor, bond of faith and stealth) is allowed.
  4. In guild hall races it is not allowed to skip large parts of the track and gain a lasting advantage. Some leeway is allowed to jump over corners, as long as it is not a major skip.
  5. No disrespect or toxicity will be tolerated, you may be disqualified from the races or the tournament in the case of any such actions at the discretion of the tournament administrators.
  6. Using the skiff bug is not allowed.
  7. Using any of the mount energizer modules of the jade bot is not allowed, to keep things fair between players who have or don’t have EoD unlocked.


The total prizepool in the tournament is a whopping 20 000Gold coin , divided equally over the two brackets, with 32 chances to win a prize.

Open bracket

Finals 1st place: 1 000Gold coin

Finals 2nd place: 900Gold coin

Finals 3rd place: 800Gold coin

Finals 4th place: 750Gold coin

Finals 5th place: 700Gold coin

Finals 6th place: 650Gold coin

Finals 7th place: 600Gold coin

Finals 8th place: 550Gold coin

Semifinals 5th place: 500Gold coin

Semifinals 6th place: 400Gold coin

Semifinals 7th place: 350Gold coin

Semifinals 8th place: 300Gold coin

Semifinals 9th place: 250Gold coin

Semifinals 10th place: 200Gold coin

Pro bracket

Finals 1st place: a legendary weapon of choice from the Hardstuck guild bank, excluding eternity

Finals 2nd place: 1 500Gold coin

Finals 3rd place: 1 000Gold coin

Finals 4th place: 800Gold coin

Finals 5th place: 700Gold coin

Finals 6th place: 650Gold coin

Semifinals 4th place: 600Gold coin

Semifinals 5th place: 500Gold coin

Semifinals 6th place: 400Gold coin


The tournament will be streamed and cast by mightyteapot.

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