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    Condition Harbinger
    August 2023

    Group PvE


    Viper's icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Viper's HelmSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Viper's icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Viper's ShouldersSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Viper's icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Viper's ChestSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Viper's icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Viper's GlovesSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Viper's icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Viper's LegsSuperior Rune of the Trapper
    Viper's icon Superior Rune of the Trapper icon
    Viper's BootsSuperior Rune of the Trapper

    Weapons & Sigils

    Pistol icon Superior Sigil of Torment icon
    Viper's PistolSuperior Sigil of Torment
    Dagger icon Superior Sigil of Malice icon
    Viper's DaggerSuperior Sigil of Malice
    Scepter icon Superior Sigil of Earth icon
    Viper's ScepterSuperior Sigil of Earth
    Torch icon Superior Sigil of Malice icon
    Viper's TorchSuperior Sigil of Malice


    Viper's icon
    Viper's Backpiece
    Viper's icon
    Viper's Accessory
    Viper's icon
    Viper's Accessory
    Viper's icon
    Viper's Amulet
    Viper's icon
    Viper's Ring
    Viper's icon
    Viper's Ring
    Relic icon
    Relic of Akeem


    Meaty Asparagus Skewer icon Toxic Focusing Crystal icon
    Meaty Asparagus SkewerToxic Focusing Crystal


    20 x Malign Infusions icon
    20 x Malign Infusions

    Utility Skills


    Priority List on Pistol

    1. Weeping Shots
    2. Elixir of Anguish Elixir of Promise
    3. Blood Is Power Deathly Swarm
    4. Signet of Spite
    5. Vile Blast
    6. Enfeebling Blood

    Priority List on Scepter

    1. Devouring Darkness
    2. Grasping Dead

    Priority List in Shroud

    1. Dark Barrage 3 times per loop
    2. Devouring Cut 2 or 3 times per loop
    3. Voracious Arc 2 times per loop
    4. Vital Draw once per loop


    1. Blood Is Power
    2. Devouring Darkness
    3. Blood Is Power
    4. Weapon Swap
    5. Deathly Swarm
    6. Elixir of Ambition
    7. Vile Blast
    8. Weeping Shots
    9. Harbinger Shroud


    Use Elixir of Ambition off cooldown.

    1. Pistol Priority List
    2. Weapon Swap
    3. Devouring Darkness Grasping Dead
    4. Harbinger Shroud Shroud Priority List
    5. Devouring Darkness Grasping Dead
    6. Weapon Swap
    7. Pistol Priority List
    8. Harbinger Shroud Shroud Priority List

    Exit Harbinger Shroud after the third cast of Dark Barrage or Devouring Cut.

    Target Stats



    Condition Harbinger is a strong -based DPS build.

    Unlike Death Shroud, Harbinger Shroud does not protect the Harbinger’s health pool while it is active. Harbinger benefits from self-inflicted stacks by utilizing Shroud skills that consume in exchange for more damage.

    This build uses a Jade Bot Core[s]: Tier 10 to gain extra Expertise via Dark Gunslinger. If you are not using a Jade Bot Core[s]: Tier 10, you will see a small DPS loss.

    Build Fundamentals

    Use Harbinger Shroud, Elixir of Promise and Elixir of Bliss to stack up on yourself. You gain 2 stacks of every second while in Harbinger Shroud.

    To utilize your stacks, use Voracious Arc and Devouring Cut in Harbinger Shroud. If you have more than 5 stacks of , these skills will consume that to apply extra .

    Make sure to transfer the self-inflicted conditions from Blood Is Power by using Deathly Swarm. Be quick, or else your teammates will cleanse your conditions before you can transfer them to the enemy. If necessary, move out of the group to avoid being cleansed.

    Always use Elixir of Ambition while above 10 stacks of , as this doubles the duration of the conditions it applies to enemies! Generally, Harbinger Shroud and your basic Elixirs generate enough  that meeting this threshold isn’t an issue, but be careful during your opener and any phase transitions.

    Build Specifics

    On Pistol, use Weeping Shots twice before weapon swapping or re-entering Harbinger Shroud; once at the start of the loop and once at the end.

    If you have 2 charges of Blood Is Power, use both charges before transferring the conditions to maximize DPS. You can typically fill the downtime between casts with another skill by following this sequence: Blood Is Power Vile Blast Blood Is Power Deathly Swarm.

    Elixir of Ambition gives you every boon in the game, including , , and . While it’s never worth it to delay this skill just for this, sometimes it will line up nicely with a mechanic and allow you to block or ignore an important attack.

    Crowd Control



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