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Condition Renegade
December 2022

Instanced PvE


Illustrious Visor icon Superior Rune of the Nightmare icon
Viper's HelmSuperior Rune of the Nightmare
Illustrious Pauldrons icon Superior Rune of the Nightmare icon
Viper's ShouldersSuperior Rune of the Nightmare
Illustrious Breastplate icon Superior Rune of the Nightmare icon
Viper's ChestSuperior Rune of the Nightmare
Illustrious Warfists icon Superior Rune of the Nightmare icon
Viper's GlovesSuperior Rune of the Nightmare
Illustrious Tassets icon Superior Rune of the Nightmare icon
Viper's LegsSuperior Rune of the Nightmare
Illustrious Greaves icon Superior Rune of the Nightmare icon
Viper's BootsSuperior Rune of the Nightmare

Weapons & Sigils

Mace icon Superior Sigil of Doom icon
Viper's MaceSuperior Sigil of Doom
Axe icon Superior Sigil of Earth icon
Viper's AxeSuperior Sigil of Earth
Shortbow icon Superior Sigil of Geomancy icon Superior Sigil of Torment icon
Viper's ShortbowSuperior Sigil of Geomancy Superior Sigil of Torment


Quiver of a Thousand Arrows icon
Viper's Backpiece
Black Ice Earring icon
Viper's Accessory
Asgeir's Talisman icon
Viper's Accessory
Asgeir's Amulet icon
Viper's Amulet
Black Ice Band icon
Viper's Ring
Mistborn Band icon
Viper's Ring


Cilantro and Cured Meat Flatbread icon Toxic Focusing Crystal icon
Cilantro and Cured Meat Flatbread Toxic Focusing Crystal


Malign WvW Infusion icon
18xMalign Infusion

Condition Renegade is a long-standing popular build that can provide high condition DPS while having access to good crowd control abilities such as Darkrazor's Daring. The build is also capable of providing some Might to the party in expense of some DPS utilising Heroic Command and the blast finishers from Echoing Eruption on top of the fire field from Searing Fissure. The build also has access to important utility skills such as Breakrazor's Bastion for some group heals and Banish Enchantment for boon removal.

Build fundamentals

The rotation is based on Charged Mists granting you 25 extra Energy when you swap stances. Always try to utilise this effect to maintain the overall rotation.

Try not to delay individual steps of the rotation (especially legend/weapon swaps) in order to not lose significant DPS. This rotation is more of a fixed loop compared to priority-based rotations from certain other classes so an overall slower rotation will have a big influence on the DPS numbers you are seeing.

Additionally, you can supplement your party’s Might by using Heroic Command. While doing this it is advised to replace Icerazor's Ire in Kalla loop with two applications of Heroic Command  which will maintain the overall flow of the rotation for a small DPS loss. Keep in mind that you will need to activate Heroic Command at the start/end of Kalla loop due to its cooldown.

Banish Enchantment is a boon strip. It can be used in certain encounters for boon removal such as Dhuum, but keep in mind that spending energy on this skill on Mallyx is in general a DPS loss.

While in Mallyxx loop of the rotation, make sure to use Shattershot in-between casts of your other Shortbow skills while you have Embrace the Darkness active to make sure you don’t waste the empowered pulse of Embrace the Darkness.

Crowd Control



You can swap Heartpiercer for All for One if you need to improve your Protection uptime. This is a considerable DPS loss for Condition Alacrity Renegade, so be careful when making this decision for your party.

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