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Fraenir of Jormag

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Enrage: 12 minutes. At enrage, the entire squad will be defeated.
Bonus Chests: Defeat the boss in less than 3 minutes, 5 minutes

The Fraenir of Jormag is a relatively straightforward boss. However, there are quite a few Knockdowns and other sources of hard crowd control in this encounter—squads may benefit from sources of Stability.

Fraenir: 100% – 75%

This fight will begin when the first player enters the Fraenir’s circular arena.

The Fraenir will leap up, sending a Torrent of Ice across the field.

Torrent of Ice

Orange circles will appear around the arena, including four around the Fraenir himself. Players in these AoEs will Frozen in a shard of ice, losing access to all of their skills.

Player should use Struggle to Escape to break out. Players can also quickly move to the center of the arena at the start of the encounter to avoid getting caught in this attack.

Note: Do not attempt to Dodge this attack, as being in the evade animation when it hits will cause players to be stuck for an indefinite amount of time without being able to be broken out.

Frozen Missile

The Fraenir will target a player with a large red arrow; this player will also see a circular timer over their head. When filled, the Fraenir will fire a frozen missile that will deal light damage and Knockback players along its path.

The targeted player should move away from the squad to ensure no other players are knocked, and Dodge or block the missile itself.

Dagger Strike

The Fraenir’s dagger auto-attacks deal light damage and apply Vulnerability.

Ice Flare

The Fraenir will spin, dropping a cascading series of AoEs that deal light damage.

These can be dodged.


Occasionally, the Fraenir will jump up and slam into the ground, releasing a shockwave that will Knockdown players and will make any ice shards on the field explode.

This shockwave can be jumped over or dodged, and squad-wide Stability can be applied to mitigate its effect.

During this phase the Fraenir will hop around—players should remain in the center of the arena instead of chasing him. At 75% health, he will phase, disappearing and summoning the Icebrood Construct.

Icebrood Construct

This version of the Icebrood Construct is very similar to the boss in Shiverpeaks Pass.

Bound Ice Elementals

The Icebrood Construct will occasionally summon Bound Ice Elemental mobs. These can be pulled using skills like Into the Void (Mesmer Focus 4) to cleave on group or can be cleaved from range with skills like Epidemic. More experienced groups may just ignore these adds.

Ice Flail

The Construct will swing its arm, knocking down players. Sidestepping the telegraph or using Stability or Aegis can negate this mechanic.

Seismic Crush and Ice Shock Wave

The Icebrood Construct will slam its arm down releasing a shockwave thatknocks down players. This can be jumped over, or mitigated with a Dodge, Stability, or Aegis. Sometimes ice shards will rain down on the arena, dealing damage to players.

Frigid Fusilade

Known as: ice bombs

Players will gain orange circles under them, indicating timed ice bombs. The detonation can be avoided using a Dodge or block. Alternatively, projectile reflects or projectile destruction can be used to nullify this mechanic.

The Icebrood Construct will periodically gain a defiance bar. While breaking this bar will increase its incoming damage, it will also cause the Construct to go Invulnerable more quickly; most experienced groups attempt to avoid breaking it, so don’t use any crowd control, including your special action skill.

Fraenir: 25% – 0%

Once the Icebrood Construct is defeated the Fraenir will reappear at 25% health. He will spawn with an Icequake, Torrent of Ice, and Frozen Missile, then continue to use his original attacks until defeated.

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