Icebrood Saga Strike Mission Guides

Icebrood Saga

Shiverpeaks Pass icon
Shiverpeaks Pass
The Icebrood Construct is the easiest Strike boss in the game, with non-punishing mechanics and almost no DPS check to speak of. This makes it an good choice for a first foray into instanced PVE content.
Fraenir of Jormag icon
Fraenir of Jormag
The battle with the Fraenir does not have many special mechanics, but does have multiple phases. Squads will benefit from access to stability, condition cleanses, and pulls.
Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen icon
Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen
Players face a pair of linked bosses. This encounter is straightforward and has no hard requirements, but can benefit from cleave damage, stability, and projectile mitigation.
Whisper of Jormag icon
Whisper of Jormag
This strike has a number of mechanics that can trip up newer players. While the encounter has no hard requirements, one mechanic is commonly avoided by using a Necromancer or Mechanist.
Boneskinner icon
The most punishing of the Icebrood Saga Strike Missions. This encounter is commonly brute-forced, ignoring all but a few mechanics. Squads benefit from aegis, stunbreaks, high healing, and projectile mitigation.

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