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Shiverpeaks Pass

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Enrage: 12 minutes. When enraged, the squad dies
Bonus Chests: 4 and 7 minutes

This encounter is considered the easiest instanced content in the entire game and therefore has no special requirements. However, there are some knockbacks and stuns in this encounter – squads may benefit from sources of Stability, but above all, from jumping.

Jumping puzzle

First, players must traverse a short jump puzzle to get to the boss. Along this route are Grothmar Valley Chests but players will often skip these to quickly reach the top.

You will first pass through a slippery tunnel. A large boulder will fall down the tunnel which will knock down players. Aegis, Stability, and Dodge can avoid this knockback, but you can also hide on the sides of wider parts of the tunnel to avoid it.

Next, you need to jump across a series of icy cliffs, broken bridges, and planks to reach the Icebrood Construct’s arena. Icicles will drop periodically across the jumping puzzle and sections of it are slippery, potentially making players slip off.

When one person has reached the Icebrood Construct a Teleport Beacon will activate –  all other players can use this beacon to reach the arena by interacting with the teleport icon on their maps.

Icebrood Construct

The encounter will begin when the first hit lands on the boss. The Icebrood Construct has four total attacks. These are all very telegraphed and do minor damage.

Slam Attack

The Construct will slam its fist, releasing a shockwave that will knock down players. This is telegraphed by a quick red circle before the wave itself. The knockdown can be avoided using Dodge, jumps, Stability, or blocks.

Boulder Rush

Boulders will spin around the boss, hitting players for light damage. These can be avoided by stacking close to the Construct.


The Icebrood Construct will spin its arm across half the arena, stirring up a wind that spins players around the boss. Players can continue to attack the boss while spinning and should stack back up once able to.

At 50% health, the Icebrood Construct will lose an arm and go invulnerable. When its invulnerability ends it will perform roughly the same attacks, with slight modifications.

  • Boulder Rush will occasionally become Ice Shatter, where the Icebrood Construct will create platforms that shoot out ice projectiles. Instead of stacking on the boss, players should can on these platforms to avoid the ice projectiles.
  • Slam Attack will freeze and apply damaging Chilled instead of knocking players down, this attack will also destroy the platforms from Boulder Rush when icy shockwave reach them.
  • Whirlwind will occasionally knock players down standing in the affected half of his arena, without stirring upwind

If players kill the Icebrood Construct within 4 minutes they will gain two extra chests; if they kill within 7 minutes they will gain just one extra chest.


As this is the easiest instanced content in the game groups will often neglect to even consider squad composition. However, we encourage you to treat this encounter as the first step up from the Training Golem. Now, instead of relying on the perfect boons from the Special Forces Training Area you are relying on your fellow players.

How does your damage or rotation change with (potentially) imperfect boons? Similarly, while none of the attacks are particularly punishing, get some practice sidestepping, dodging and jumping over attacks.

How do you maintain DPS uptime while avoiding unncessary incoming damage? Actively staying engaged with the fight can make the jump into harder instanced content much smoother.

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