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Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen

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Enrage: 10 minutes. When Enraged, the squad dies
Bonus Chests: 3 and 5 minutes

The Voice and Claw of the Fallen are a pair of Kodan that players must tackle simultaneously. The Voice will attack players with ranged bow attacks while the Claw will attack in melee with a hammer.

If one Kodan is defeated before the other, the remaining Kodan will jump to the center and gain a more threatening attack pattern. Therefore squads should aim to DPS both bosses instead of focusing one down first.

Throughout the encounter areas of the arena will light up yellow or red. These should be sidestepped.

Voice of the Fallen

Commonly players will start with the Voice of the Fallen, the Kodan with the bow on the left. The Claw of the Fallen will follow the squad, making it convenient to cleave the Kodan together.

Immobilization Shots

The Voice will shoot a scatter of red arrows. If hit, players will be immobilized. Players should aim to reflect or otherwise mitigate this attack – skills such as Feedback, Corrosive Poison Cloud, and Sublime Conversion (Druid Staff 5) are all useful here.

The squad should aim to bring her to 20% health, then swap to focusing the Claw. If the squad has a lot of condition DPS they can switch at 30% and allow the conditions to continue ticking. Continue to use reflects and other projectile mitigation skills.

Claw of the Fallen

The Claw’s auto attacks look like Scrapper’s Rocket Charge culminating in a hammer slam that stuns players. Shared is useful here, as is stunbreak. He will also occasionally perform large AoE slams. Both of those attack aren’t very threatening to the group.


The two Kodan will occasionally leap around the arena – keep track of your current target and prepare to follow them to their new locations.

Breakbar Phase

When both bosses are below 20% health they will occasionally teleport to the middle, doing a large shared combination attack and gaining a breakbar. Breaking this bar will halt their attacks.

When one Kodan has been defeated the remaining Kodan will jump to the center of the arena and start slamming a quarter of the arena. Players should rotate clockwise around the arena to avoid standing in the attack and associated damaging AoE.

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