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Whisper of Jormag

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Enrage: 10 minutes. When Enraged, the squad dies
Bonus Chests: 3 and 5 minutes

The Whisper of Jormag has higher mechanical complexity than the other Icebrood Saga strikes, requiring players to respect certain mechanics or risk wiping their squadmates.

Commonly squads will bring a Necromancer with Summon Flesh Wurm or a Mechanist to tank a mechanic.

Phase 1: 100%-75%

The encounter will begin after interacting with the ice block at the center of the arena.


As an opening attack, the squad will be launched into the air, with stalagmites spawning where they stood.

Landing on these stalagmites will do a little damage but landing on a few stacked ones can down you. Gliding slightly away from the stalagmites can avoid this damage.

Once landed the squad should stack back up to DPS the boss. During this phase the squad will face both a spread and a stack mechanic.


Occasionally, every player will gain an orange circle, once fully expanded players will be hit by marginal damage.

While each person can dodge their own detonation, they cannot dodge their squadmates’ detonations, and overlapping circles dramatically increase the damage taken.

The squad should quickly spread out to avoid killing each other.


Occasionally the closest player to the Whisper will gain a green circle.

This is a damage-sharing mechanic – if only one player is in the circle at detonation they will receive immense damage, while additional squadmates will dramatically decrease the damage each individual experiences.

The squad should quickly stack up to tank this detonation.

Phase 2: 75% Doppelganger Phase

At 75% health the Whisper will disappear and all players will be ported into small rooms where they must face a doppelganger of themselves. These can generally be killed easily, but if you are unable to kill yours you will be ported back up to the arena with your doppelganger where your squadmates can help you.

Phase 3: 75%-25%

At 75% health the Whisper will gain an additional attack: chains.

Chains of frost

Three random players will be selected, gaining a small timer over their head, a Chains of Frost debuff, and a tether to the boss.

Once the timer is filled, in roughly 2 seconds, chains will materialize, heavily damaging players standing in them. In addition, standing within the Whisper’s hitbox will apply the damage from all three chains.

If you gain a chain be careful to avoid killing your squadmates! Avoid walking left and right – walk back and forth if you have to adjust and stop moving. The exception to this is if someone has walked into your chain and gone downstate. As your chains continue to damage downed characters you should move your chain off of your squadmate.

Between all the animations it can be hard to see the tethers, so we recommend checking your buff bar for the Chains of Frost icon.

Phase 4: 25%-0%

At 25% health, there will be another Doppelganger Phase. Shortly after the whole squad is teleported back to the surface, the Whisper will spawn and open with arena-wide knockback. Groups should precast to avoid the boss’ knockback.

The Whisper will add its second deadly mechanic in this phase: Orbs.


Slow moving orbs will spawn from the Whisper rolling towards the edge of the arena.

If any players are hit by an orb, it will detonate, heavily damaging anybody near it. A few players detonating orbs on the stack is a common way for squads to wipe.

Commonly, a Necromancer will use Summon Flesh Wurm in the center of the arena, using it to detonate all orbs on spawn. This keeps the damaging detonation restricted to the center of the arena – the squad just has to avoid walking into the detonation radius. Alternatively, a Mechanist’s Golem can serve the same function.

If you are playing without Summon Flesh Wurm or a Golem the squad should spread out away from the Whisper and sidestep or Dodge the orbs. Once the orbs finish rolling you can stack back up on the boss.

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