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Sabetha the Saboteur

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Enrage: 9 minutes. When Enraged, all four cannons will be activated and will deal 500% damage.
Requires: 2 players with Glider Basics

Sabetha does not require a toughness tank but does require a few special roles. Two of these players benefit from Explosive Launch mastery. In this fight, players must defeat Sabetha before the arena collapses. At 75%, 50%, and 25% Sabetha will be replaced by a miniboss with special attacks.

Pre Event

Before reaching Sabetha the squad will need to clear bandits along the route. There will be one bouncing pad that players will need to use a sapper bomb to cross.

Encounter overview

The arena is a large circle with bouncing pads in the four cardinal directions. The fight starts when players cross the bridge. Players will fight Sabetha, facing cannons, firewalls, and timed bombs.

At 75%, 50%, and 25%, Sabetha will leave the platform and be replaced by Kernan, Knuckles, and Karde respectively. Sabetha will return on a timer, usually shortly before miniboss will die, and immediately use her flame wall. Additionally, at 75% heavy bombs will start spawning around the arenas, at 50% an additional timed bomb will spawn, and at 25% debris will start crashing onto the platform.


  • Kernan fires a series of three shotgun attacks at the closest player. The squad should aim to sidestep these attacks.
  • Knuckles will occasionally have a breakbar. If his breakbar is failed, players will be knocked backward, and possibly off of the platform, therefore the breakbar must be broken.
  • Karde fires a flamethrower at the closest player. He additionally spawns flamethrower turrets, which should be cleaved.

Sabetha can spiral into a hectic fight, so the squad should focus on positioning. The stack should avoid exploding each other with the timed bomb and should stand in the direction of the next cannon to the kite flame wall. Cannoneers should avoid dying to the flame wall, flak kiters should keep flak off of the group, and sapper kiters should stay within range of the sapper.

Boss abilities


Known as: flame wall

Every 45 seconds, Sabetha will target a random player with a large red arrow. This will turn into a flame wall that slowly rotates counterclockwise around the arena, and instantly kills anyone in its hitbox. This cannot be dodged, blocked or distorted, and will kill anyone gliding over it. Players can stack to bait the wall to spawn in a favorable direction.

The biggest priority is to avoid moving through the flame wall. This means reviving downed players before the wall one shots them, avoiding skills that randomly teleport, such as Axes of Symmetry (Mesmer Axe 3), and cleaving down Bandit Thugs who can knock players into the wall.

To minimize movement, players should stack to bait the flame wall towards group. The flame wall will do one full 360 degree rotation, so if it targets stack players can sidestep the red arrow before the flame wall spawns to minimize movement.

Time Bomb

The nearest player to Sabetha will occasionally receive a Time Bomb. Starting at 50% health, the two nearest players will be targeted. These bombs do massive damage to players within its area of effect, including downed players. Players targetted by the time bomb should leave the stack.

Players targeted by the Time Bomb will receive a notification on their screen, in their chat, and a sound cue. The detonation animation is slightly misleading – the bomb detonates earlier than it appears to. Players with the Time Bomb should exit stack quickly, but should be careful to avoid hitting players handling mechanics away from stack.

Heavy Bomb

Starting at 75%, heavy Bombs spawn on the platform around Sabetha. If ignored they do substantial damage to the platform. Any player can approach them and use their interact key to prevent this damage.

Flak Shot

Sabetha will target the furthest player on the platform with a flak attack. This attack will leave an area of effect that burns and deals high damage. One player, commonly a Druid or Scourge, should stand away from the stack to bait these attacks.

Sabetha’s attack pattern is static: she will use two auto-attacks, fire a flak shot, and repeat. This means the flak kiter can return to the stack during her auto attacks. However, as the flak does high damage, the flak kiter should prioritize keeping the flak off of the stack. In addition to flak kiting, the flak kiter can handle other mechanics, such as kiting sapper bombs and interacting with Heavy Bombs.


Every 30 seconds, a cannon will spawn around the map, damaging players and the arena. To handle these, Sapper bombs (Known as “green” or “green bomb“) can be used to fling players up to destroy them.

Sappers that spawn on the arena will target the player furthest to the west in their range on the platform with a Sapper Bomb. This will give the player a special action key and a green circle around them. By using the sapper bomb on a launchpad with a player on it, the player will be launched to the corresponding cannon platform to kill the cannon. The launched player will obtain a timed debuff Shell-Shocked preventing them from going to the subsequent cannon, so two players should alternate handling these cannons.

While only three people need to handle cannons, the entire squad should be aware of the mechanics to assist the cannoneers. Anyone can handle this mechanic but commonly two supports with long boon application, such as a Banners Warrior and Alacrity Renegade, are designated to this role.

Here you can see both thrower and cannoneer perspectives:

The cannons will spawn in the same pattern: South, West, North, East, South, North, West, East, starting 30 seconds into the fight, with 8:27 remaining on the encounter timer.

This means one cannoneer (known as “cannon 1-3“) will handle South, North, South, West ( S N S W ), while the other cannoneer (known as “cannon 2-4“) will handle West, East, North, East ( W E N E ).


If a cannon is missed a backup can be sent, but the original cannoneer should not go late – jumping late will mean their cannon debuff will not wear off by their next jump.

Finally, the squad should stack in the direction of the upcoming cannon so flame walls will spawn in the direction of the next cannon, allowing cannoneers to sidestep the flame wall.

The sapper targets the player furthest to the west, within their range with the sapper bomb, so the flak kiter will often kite sapper bombs as well. The kiter should aim to stay on the west side of the platform, but watch the sapper’s animations to ensure they are within range when the sapper throws their bomb. The squad should stack tightly to avoid stealing sapper bombs from the kiter, but also be prepared to handle the mechanic in case they do accidentally get the sapper bomb.

Can’t remember?

Ok, had enough? Remember everything? Timers? Cannon order? ….No? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you: watch the minimap and your buff bar. No joke, this fight can be VERY confusing for cannoneers and throwers.

Remember this:

Outside of the Flamewall (telegraphed by arrow) and the Timed Bombs (telegraphed by sound), there is not much that can kill you.
This gives you time to actively watch your minimap. Cannons (marked by on the minimap) will spawn few seconds before the green sapper bomb will be accessible. If you are a cannoneer you can then check your buff bar for Shell-Shocked. If you don’t have this debuff you should go to the cannon now.

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