W1: Spirit Vale Guides

In Wing 1, players explore the Spirit Vale while searching for missing Pact soldiers. Here they will encounter the Vale Guardian, Gorseval the Multivarious, and Sabetha the Saboteur. This Wing is considered to be one of the easier Raid Wings.

W1: Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian icon
Vale Guardian
This encounter requires a well-balanced squad composition to succeed: condition damage, boon strips, and good squad healing are all prerequisites. The main fight mechanics are showcased in a pre-event before the boss itself.
Spirit Woods icon
Spirit Woods
In this non-boss encounter, players will have to complete three events with an emphasis on mobility and platforming: the Spectral Rifts, the Spirit Race, and the Cemetery.
Gorseval the Multifarious icon
Gorseval the Multifarious
Gorseval is a relatively straightforward boss encounter. Any squad taking on this amalgamation of spirits will benefit from sources of stability, immobilize, and pulls.
Sabetha the Saboteur icon
Sabetha the Saboteur
The battle against Sabetha requires solid awareness as multiple players will have personal mechanics to contend with; failing these will compound the difficulty of the encounter as sources of incoming damage pile up.

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