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Cairn the Indomitable

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Enrage: 8 minutes. When Enraged, players cannot cleanse stacks of Unseen Burden.
Tank: Proximity (furthest)
Requires: Glider Basics

Cairn does not require a tank; he will target the furthest player with mechanics and auto-attacks.

Players can use Stability to ignore a stun mechanic. Inspiring Reinforcement and "Stand Your Ground!" are both common choices here.

Cairn’s auto attacks will knock players backward if they are outside of a compass pattern on the floor. If players cannot see this floor pattern they should raise their Shader quality to Medium.


Cairn consists of one long phase. Players will face a few key mechanics throughout.

Unseen Burden

Cairn has a stacking debuff called Unseen Burden that slows players by 1% per stack, for a maximum of 99% slow. Various attacks in this encounter can increase players stacks of Unseen Burden.

Attack Pattern

Cairn will attack in threes: two auto attacks and a shard attack. These shards will push players outside of the radius of the compass under Cairn, as well as add stacks of Unseen Burden. Players should aim to stand as close to Cairn as possible to avoid this push.

If shards are reflected they will push players on their reflected path as well. This means players near to Cairn may get pushed around by reflected shards – players should avoid using any reflects on this encounter.


Known as: ports

Red circles will spawn around the arena. Players standing in these circles will have a yellow border on their screen, and on detonation, be teleported around the arena. A port followed by a shard attack may push a player off the arena, instantly killing them. Players should sidestep these ports.

If a player finds themselves ported they should quickly reposition on the stack.

Spatial Manipulation

Known as: greens

Cairn will summon green circles on the arena, with shining gold circles over them. Players must stand in these green circles to avoid getting hit by a large stun attack. However, players only avoid this stun if there are sufficient players in the circle – the gold circles indicate the minimum number of players needed to use the green circle. Successfully standing in a green circle will remove 25 stacks of Unseen Burden

This mechanic can be avoided using Stability – stability prevents the stun and subsequent damage from Cairn’s explosion. However, even if players use Stability, if they do not stand in the green circles they will gain 25 stacks of Unseen Burden.


When entering Wing 4, players will see Scholar Glenna and a path through a waterfall. One player should remain with Scholar Glenna, but the rest of the squad can head through the waterfall and glide onto a platform.

Special Action Key

Players will gain a special action key once through the waterfall. This skill is a targetable movement skill, allowing players to evade attacks and quickly reposition.

If a player is otherwise frozen due to Unseen Burden, they can use this special action key to reposition or avoid damage.

The player with Glenna can talk with her to start the encounter and run to join the squad on the platform. Once Glenna reaches the end of the path, Cairn will spawn.

Note: Starting on the platform is a common approach in random as well as established groups for the convenience of not needing to synchronize gliding in. However, this approach actually comes from the Challenge Mode mechanic. In the Challenge Mode, everyone’s special action key is used automatically at set intervals during the fight. If players glide in after activating the Challenge Mode they will need to continuously tap their special action keys while Glenna walks to the platform. Instead, the player that starts the encounter by talking to Glenna will enable the Challenge Mode on their way to the group, saving the group from having to spam their special action keys until Cairn spawns.

Cairn will start his attack pattern with two auto attacks, a shard attack, and a green attack. From there, players must handle all mechanics.


Every 20 seconds starting at 7:37 remaining, Cairn will target the furthest unafflicted player with Agony. This player may say a voice line and will see a red circle around them. The Agony will lightly damage the afflicted player, but heavily damage three other players within its area of effect. A maximum of three players will be afflicted at any given time. Afflicted players must leave the group. However, they do not need to subject themselves to Cairn’s shard knockback attacks. Instead, they can stand on the other side of Cairn from the squad while remaining within the central compass. Afflicted players may not receive Stability during the greens. Instead, they should look to go to a single-player green, of which there will always be at least one.

Often, a Druid or other main heal will stand at the edge of Cairn’s knockback radius opposite from group to bait Agony. By standing opposite from the group this player can also bait Cairn’s auto attacks away from the group. If a healer is employing this strategy they can choose to take toughness gear to help with survivability with no loss of utility.

Energy Surge

Cairn will occasionally teleport around the room, knocking down players in his path. Players can sidestep this movement by watching for an arrow at Cairn’s feet.

Orbital Sweep

In later parts of the fight, Cairn may extend an arm across the platform and swing it counterclockwise. If hit, players will be dealt considerable damage and be launched backward, potentially off of the platform. Players should Dodge left (clockwise) to avoid its impact.

Gravity Wave

Starting at 25% health, Cairn may start to use Gravity Wave after Orbital Sweep. This will appear as three circles radiating outwards from Cairn. Players near Cairn are unaffected by this mechanic, so players should aim to stack as close to Cairn as possible.

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