W4: Bastion of the Penitent Guides

In Wing 4, players explore the Bastion of the Penitent, a mysterious prison. Here they will encounter Cairn the Indomitable, the Mursaat Overseer, Samarog, and Deimos. With the exception of Deimos, this Wing is considered to be one of the easier Raid Wings.

W4: Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable icon
Cairn the Indomitable
Cairn is the first boss of Wing 4 and is widely considered to be the easiest raid boss. This encounter only requires a glider to engage the boss, but access to stability is recommended in order to more easily handle most of the boss's mechanics.
Mursaat Overseer icon
Mursaat Overseer
Mursaat Overseer is the second boss of Wing 4. This encounter has 3 special roles that can be handled by any player in the squad.
Samarog icon
Players must avoid knockbacks, break their teammates out of attacks, and control two adds. Samarog has no hard requirements but benefits from power damage, heavy crowd control, and a player with pushes and immobs.
Deimos icon
The last and hardest boss in Wing 4, Deimos requires a toughness tank and one special role, the Handkite.

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