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Mursaat Overseer

Enrage: 6 minutes. When Enraged, players can no longer claim tiles
Requires: None

This encounter benefits from ranged cleave. Often groups will specifically look for a Scourge with Epidemic.

Mursaat Overseer has three special roles, with associated special action skills. These special actions are affected by Alacrity, so new groups may benefit from multiple sources of alacrity to ensure uptime.

Reaching Mursaat Overseer’s Arena

First, players must reach the arena where Mursaat Overseer resides.

From Cairn’s platform glide to a path where Scholar Glenna awaits, and talk to her to progress. Further down the path, you’ll see a stack of rocks to the left. One player must approach these rocks. At the end of the path is a shovel that can be picked up. Using the shovel on the rocks will clear a path to the next arena.

Mursaat Overseer itself does not do much damage. Instead, players are damaged by Jade Scout adds and the arena itself.

Arena Attacks

To start, half of the arena will be orange. These orange tiles will do big ticking damage and should be avoided.


In the actual encounter, tiles will occasionally turn green. Green tiles will spawn huge spikes, instantly killing any player on them. This damage cannot be dodged, blocked, or invulned. The spikes maintain a constant rotation that changes every 25% of Mursaat Overseer’s health.

Spikes operate on a 10-second loop. The first set of spikes will appear 5 seconds into the encounter and will emerge 5 seconds after appearing. The next set of spikes will appear 5 seconds later, and so on.

There will typically be at least one spike-free square in the middle four. However, low DPS groups may face one spike pattern at the final 25% of Mursaat Overseer’s health where all four middle squares have spikes.

Most groups will phase Mursaat Overseer every 40-50 seconds, only encountering the first 4-5 spike patterns. Lower DPS squads may need to move the boss more.

Jade Scouts

Jade Scouts will slowly advance across the board. Jade Scouts will flip safe tiles as they walk over them. If they are killed before they reach the end they will briefly pause, before advancing again. These adds will activate when they reach the end of the board. Activated Jade Scouts will aggro on the squad. When killed, these scouts will explode, dealing massive damage.

If the squad has a ready source of Aegis, the explosion from the Jade Scouts can be blocked. Alternatively, the squad can tank a single explosion, or Dodge the explosion. Be careful to not dodge into spikes!

This encounter has three special roles, and starts when each role has been assigned by players picking up each of three pillars of light.

Special Action Keys


Claim is the tank for this encounter; Mursaat Overseer will follow this player around. Claim gains a special action key that flips enemy tiles. In general, claim should use this on cooldown to keep the middle four tiles safe.

Claim’s responsibility is twofold: maintain safe locations for the squad and position Mursaat Overseer to cleave down Jade Scouts.

While the claim can keep the spike pattern in mind, there will typically be at least one spike-free square in the middle four. As long as Claim is prepared to adapt, focusing on keeping the middle four squares clear should be sufficient to maintain safe ground for the squad.

To position Mursaat Overseer, Claim start the encounter by positioning Mursaat Overseer in the middle of one of the middle two squares. This allows the squad to cleave down Jade Scouts to prevent all four Scouts from activating simultaneously. Once spikes force the group to move Claim can prioritize moving out of spikes.


Protect is the tank for the Jade Scouts. Protect gains a special action key that will create a safe zone, preventing damage from spikes and from Jade Scout explosions.

Protect is on a very long cooldown. In newer groups, it’s advisable to save this in case of low DPS at the 25% spike pattern, but more experienced groups can use Protect to avoid moving Mursaat Overseer earlier.

Often Protect is not used at all. In this case, Protect’s main responsibility is to kite Jade Scouts. When Jade Scouts activate, they will run towards Protect. By standing on the very edge of a square Protect can keep the Scout from running onto a tile, therefore preventing the tile from flipping to orange and damaging the squad.


Occasionally the Jade Scouts will gain an orange protective bubble. Dispel, the final special role, will handle this bubble. Targeting the shielded Jade Scout and using the special action key will remove the shield.

Dispel should target any Jade Scouts with orange bubbles and use their special action key immediately. Often this role is taken by the main support, as their DPS uptime on Mursaat Overseer is less important, but sometimes groups will request their Epidemic Scourge handle this instead.

If any of the special roles die, the protect, claim, and dispel pillars will respawn and a new player can pick them up.

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