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Statues of Grenth

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Each of the three Statues behaves as a separate miniboss. This guide will discuss each statue in isolation. You can complete this event in any order, but Broken King is usually done first because it takes longer to complete; this encounter has an associated Statues of Limitation achievement that requires players to kill two of the three statues in under 5 minutes, so players prefer to kill the slowest boss first.

Controlled DPS is important for each boss. For newer players, power DPS is a better pick here as they allow the player to easily adjust their damage output.

Statue of Ice

Known as: Broken King

Enrage: 3:30 minutes. At enrage Broken King will wipe the squad
Requires: Lean Techniques or a Flying Mount
Tank: Toughness

Starting from Death’s Landing players can fly left to Broken King’s icy shelf. In this encounter, players must kill Broken King while capturing ice orbs. The encounter begins when a player stands in any green circle at its detonation.

Broken King will spawn green ice orbs around the arena. Once the encounter begins, if a green falls without a player in its area of effect it will detonate, dealing massive damage on all players. Broken King will spawn a green ice orb circle every 2% of his health; if the group DPS is too high the squad will be inundated with greens and risk missing these orbs.


The squad should aim for a total group DPS of ~75k. This boss does have an enrage timer, so if players dip below 60k they will risk wiping to enrage.

Frozen Wind

Players will gain one stack of Frozen Wind for every green they capture. If a player with three stacks captures the fourth green they will lose all of their stacks, be frozen for 10 seconds, and take constant damage. Frozen players can preemptively use invulnerability skills, such as Mirage Distortion, or can be healed by their squad.

Each stack of Frozen Wind is lost after 45 seconds after application. In general you should aim to avoid taking the fourth green and instead call for other squadmates to cover for them.


Broken King will do other damage to the squad. His auto-attacks do non-negligible damage, and he will occasionally slam his staff forming shining ice cracks on the ground. These cracks will pulse heavy damage and should be sidestepped.

Once Broken King has been defeated players can /gg or use the Jackal Portal to return to Death’s Landing.

Statue of Death

Known as: Eater of Souls, Eater

Requires: Glider Basics and a Springer Mount, or a Griffon or Skyscale Mount
Tank: Toughness

Starting from Death’s Landing players can fly right to Eater’s platform. The encounter begins when players approach the Eater. During this fight, players must light six torches above Jackal portal and kill the Eater of Souls.

This encounter is mechanically easy but can be confusing. Aim to understand the flow of the fight to be able to adapt to squadmates failing mechanics.

Note: Throughout the encounter, skeletons will spawn on the arena. Each skeleton does marginal damage. However, if not handled these skeletons can overrun the squad. In most cases these can be ignored and simply cleaved down while doing other mechanics.


Eater only has one threatening attack, puke. He will vomit a large poisonous area of effect that players should avoid standing in.

Lighting the Torches

The torches are lit by collecting floating red orbs above Eater’s arena. These orbs must first be retrieved by players following a string of mechanics.

Releasing the Orbs

A spider-shaped Twisted Spirit will spawn around the edge of the platform. Killing this spider will release five orbs of Reclaimed Energy around the center of the platform.

Running over an orb of Reclaimed Energy will give the player a special action key. Around the arena are four rectangular shapes, one of which will be glowing slightly. Players should use their special action keys to target Reclaimed Energy on this glowing rectangle.

Players should be careful with targeting the Reclaimed Energy – it must land on the rectangle. Aiming it at Eater will often result in it failing to land in the rectangle, forcing the squad to wait for a new Twisted Spirit to spawn.

Usually, when the squad is handling Twisted Spirit, the tank will move Eater on the rectangle. If boss is killed on an active rectangle with all five Reclaimed Energies he will release 10 Red Orbs. Once Eater is killed he will regenerate to 100% health. This process can then be repeated.

Retrieving the Orbs

A Lost Spirit will spawn 40 seconds into the fight, and every subsequent 50 seconds. These spirits will be surrounded by a green circle that will launch any players standing in it into the air, applying a Fractured Spirit debuff that prevents them from taking the subsequent green. If no players are standing in the circle the spirit will die, releasing a shockwave over the arena that should be dodged or jumped.

Eater of Souls will gain a breakbar just after the green, sucking any players currently in the air into him. Players can break his bar or allow a player to be sucked into his hitbox. This player, commonly known as the sac or sacrifice, will reappear on the platform in downstate.

Once in the air players must retrieve red orbs to return to the arena. Players will have three skills: Ascend, Spirit Surge, and Descend.

Movement above the arena can be confusing, and the orb hitboxes are misleading. Move expeditiously but be patient with the orbs!

In the air you have 30 seconds to collect five orbs: exceeding this time will instantly kill you. If you are struggling to collect orbs you can use your Spirit Surge skill to launch yourself off of the platform. This will return you to the ground in the downstate, allowing the squad to resurrect you.

This whole process is repeated until 20 red orbs are collected, lighting all six torches and stripping Eater of his regeneration.

Common strategy

Typically, groups employ a strategy where they skip the first Lost Spirit (remember to jump over the shockwave after first green). This allows the group to execute two Twisted Spirit phases, ensuring that 20 red orbs are in the sky. The group will then send five players up in the second green. One of these players will be the designated sacrifice and fly straight into Eater’s hitbox, avoiding any orbs in their path. The other four players will collect five orbs each, lighting the torches and allowing the squad to defeat Eater.

Once Eater of Souls has been defeated players can /gg or use the Jackal Portal to return to Death’s Landing.

Statue of Darkness

Known as: Eyes

Requires: Glider Basics

Players must not use specific types of “hard” crowd control skills here, as certain effects will overwrite the long duration applied to an Eye when a Light Orb is detonated and cause it to teleport away much more quickly. The types of crowd control to avoid are , , and —read your skills before the encounter starts and avoid using any with these effects!

Starting from Death’s Landing players can glide to the left or right to the Eyes’ maze. Two players will be designated Throwers and should stand on the elevated platform in the maze. The rest of the squad should split into two groups of four, with one dedicated Stunner and three DPS per group.

The fight will begin when the Throwers pick up the first light.

Throughout the encounter, Light Thieves will spawn on the arena. Each thief does marginal damage. However, if not handled these adds can overrun the squad.


Throwers are responsible for ensuring the light from the elevated platform reaches their assigned side. Three lights spawn, so Throwers should always grab from one end and alternate grabbing from the middle.

The lights can be caught on map geometry – be careful with your throws!

Stunning the Eyes

One player on each side should be designated the Stunner. This player is often a Druid with Moment of Clarity, but other builds with increased stun duration can be used. This player’s main responsibility is to keep the Eye stunned. If the Eye is not stunned at 85%, 70%, 55%, 40%, 25%, or 10% of its health it will teleport and the squad. Additionally, if the Eye is not stunned at 70% of its health it will summon an enemy Minotaur.

Note: Extended stun duration will ensure that the boss won’t teleport often, if at all.

The Stunners should wait until each side has two or three light orbs. They can then mark the Eye (it’s only targetable when exposed to light), use the light’s stun skill on the Eye, and continue the encounter. The player should aim to restun the Eye every 10 seconds or so.

The Eyes must die within 8 seconds of each other. If the squad fails to do this the Eyes will regenerate and teleport. This means that if one Eye is dying much faster than the other the DPS should slow down. The Stunner should continue to stun the Eye, even if the DPS is completely paused.

If the Eye teleports the squad should grab nearby lights and run to the new location. They can then start the stunning process again.

Once the Eyes have been defeated players can /gg to return to Death’s Landing. Don’t forget to loot your chest!

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