W5: Hall of Chains Guides

In Wing 5, players travel to the Underworld to investigate undead murdering Grenth’s followers. Here they will encounter the Soulless Horror, the Statues of Grenth, and Dhuum. Wing 5 is considered to be one of the harder Raid Wings.

W5: Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror icon
Soulless Horror
Soulless Horror is the first boss of Wing 5. This encounter features a number of special roles: namely two tanks, who need to be prepared to take a lot of damage, and a dedicated pusher to handle an regularly-spawning add.
River of Souls icon
River of Souls
In this non-boss encounter, players must escort Desmina along a long, winding path, protecting her from enemies and environmental hazards.
Statues of Grenth icon
Statues of Grenth
Players face three minibosses: the Statue of Ice, the Statue of Death, and the Statue of Darkness. This encounter requires Gliding and a Springer, Griffon, or Skyscale Mount.
Dhuum icon
Dhuum is the final boss of Wing 5. Commonly regarded as one of the most difficult bosses in Guild Wars 2, Dhuum requires a few special roles as well as requires for the stack to adapt to certain mechanics.

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