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Conjured Amalgamate

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Enrage: 8 minutes. When Enraged, Conjured Amalgamate and all adds will deal 200% damage.
Requires: Mount, Crowd Control

Conjured Amalgamate vastly favors power DPS. Squads should aim to have every single player, including boon DPS, be power-focused. This is because Conjured Amalgamate has very short phases, and has a damage modifier that upscales power damage only.

The encounter does not have any sort of tank mechanic, but two special roles exist: sword and shield collectors. This mechanic can be handled by 2-4 players. These players should have or .

In this fight, the squad must defeat each of Conjured Amalgamate’s hands, then face Conjured Amalgamate itself. Players will mostly be stacking on the middle two of the four tiles on the platform except to handle special mechanics.

Players must use mount skills to cross a short gap to reach the boss. Conjured Amalgamate will start by smashing one of his arms on one of the middle two tiles. Commonly, groups will choose to start on the right tile. This attack will knock down players unless dodged. Players can also use or to prevent this knockdown.


Conjured Amalgamate’s first smash will summon enemy Sword adds. These can be pulled together using skills such as Into the Void (Mesmer Focus 4) and cleaved down.

Running through the killed Swords will give players a special action key: Conjured Slash. Using this skill on Conjured Amalgamate or on his hands will apply a 50% damage debuff on the boss.

Swords should be used to boost players’ DPS. This means you should not use it instantly on the first slam as Conjured Amalgamate will retract his arm soon; instead, players should save these to use on the second slam.


Conjured Amalgamate’s second smash will summon enemy Shield adds. These will spawn with breakbars that must be broken before killing them.

Running through the killed Shields will give players a special action key: Conjured Protection. Using this skill will prevent the squad from dying to some of Conjured Amalgamate’s attacks. These should be saved for the Thunderhead Clap.

Shields’ breakbars can be broken by the Sword special action key. Players should not delay using the Conjured Slash on this arm but can point the skill so that it will cleave through shields spawning on the platform.


If you do not kill the Swords and Shields in time they will start walking to each other, merging into Warriors. Warriors have higher HP, deal more damage, and require crowd control to defeat them.

A single Warrior can easily wipe less experienced groups, so you must prevent merging from happening at all costs. If you do get a merge you should kill the Warrior as quickly as possible. More experienced or coordinated groups can use a Shield special action key to keep the Warrior off of the group as it won’t be able to enter the safe area created by this skill.

After successfully destroying an arm Conjured Amalgamate will enter a collection phase.

Collection Phase

Orbs will start to spawn from behind the platform towards Conjured Amalgamate. There will be three different orbs:

  • Damage Bubbles: purple orbs that damage hit players
  • Sword Bubbles: green orbs with a slight white vertical line that grant hit players one stack of Swords
  • Shield Bubbles: green orbs with white outlines that grant hit players one stack of Shields

If the Sword or Shield orbs reach Conjured Amalgamate it will gain a damage buff or a shield respectively. Conjured Amalgamate’s shield will reflect damage, and can only be cleared by using a Sword on him.

At least two players will be assigned to handle this collection phase. They will have to collect Sword Bubbles and Shield Bubbles respectively. Swords will begin spawning from the left side of the platform, and Shields will spawn on the right side.

Collecting Sword and Shields can be difficult for the first-timer, as they move very fast.

The Sword collector should aim to collect four Sword Bubbles, and use their special action key on the boss as the fifth Sword Bubble comes in. This allows the player to use five stacks of Swords on the boss. They should repeat this process for the next five Sword Bubbles. The final five Sword Bubbles should be saved for the next hand phase.

The Shield collector should save their Shields for Conjured Amalgamate’s attacks.

During this phase, the rest of the squad should stay in the center and DPS the boss.

Burn Phase

After the collection phase, the boss will enter a Burn phase. In this phase, the boss will do a Junk Wall attack, which will heavily damage players and destroy all Sword and Shield enemies remaining on the platform.

This attack will start from the side of the platform of the defeated hand and, progress across the platform. If both hands were defeated this wall will return. The Shield collector should use their Shields just before the attack hits the squad to prevent players from dying to it.

In higher DPS groups players are able to kill Conjured Amalgamate before the wall returns. If the squad has lower DPS or has failed to block Shield Bubbles or use Sword Bubbles, the squad can move to the far side of the platform, opposite from the start of the wall. This will allow the squad to use one set of shields to prevent dying to both the outgoing and returning paths of the wall.

Conjured Amalgamate will be phased once it reaches 50% health. The boss will become invulnerable and stop attacking. After a few seconds, Conjured Amalgamate will do a Thunderhead Clap attack.

Thunderhead Clap

Thunderhead Clap will put every player in downstate. This damage can be negated by players using Shields saved from the hand phase or by using "Rebound!" just before the clap happens. In the worst-case scenario, Druids with Spirit of Nature can precast this spirit to rescue the squad.

This pattern will repeat until you defeat the boss:

  1.  Hand Smashes on one of the tiles
  2.  Collection Phase begins
  3.  Burn Phase

Reaching 25% of Conjured Amalgamate’s health will respawn both of his arms at 50%.

At this point, groups will usually kill one arm which will trigger a Collection Phase during which players not collecting swords and shields will focus Swords and DPS on Conjured Amalgamate’s remaining hand to burn it as quickly as possible. Killing each hand will deplete 10% of the boss’ health, leaving only 5% of Conjured Amalgamate’s health to finish off.

If the group takes too long with the second arm the first arm will respawn.

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