W6: Mythwright Gambit Guides

In Wing 6, players are offered a tour of the Mystic Forge by Zommoros. Here they will encounter the Conjured Amalgamate, the Twin Largos, and Qadim. Wing 6 is considered to be one of the harder Raid Wings.

W6: Mythwright Gambit

Conjured Amalgamate icon
Conjured Amalgamate
The first boss of Wing 6. In this encounter, players must kill a monster made of items thrown into the Mystic Forge. This encounter does not require a tank but does require a few special roles and benefits vastly from power damage.
Twin Largos icon
Twin Largos
In the Fountain Room, squads will face Qadim's Twin Largos assassins, Nikare and Kenut. This encounter's challenge comes from its fast pace and relatively punishing mechanics.
Qadim icon
One of the hardest encounters to learn due to a multitude of potentially confusing elements, most importantly platform itself that will transform multiple times during the fight. Qadim requires a few special roles, namely a Kiter, Tank, Off Tank, and Lamp. Additionally, this encounter requires large amounts of crowd control and benefits from portals usage.

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