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Gate of Ahdashim

Gate has no requirements. It can benefit from heavy crowd control but can be accomplished (slowly) with just sustain.

Encounter Overview

Players must first capture a courtyard to escort Glenna and the Key of Ahdashim to progress to a door.

You must clear Branded mobs from capture circles by killing or otherwise pushing them out of the circle. New mobs will continue to spawn within the circle.

Once all four circles in the courtyard have been captured, protect Glenna while opening the door. At this point, the squad can take two strategies: waiting Gate out or killing the Djinn.

Waiting Gate Out

If Glenna is kept alive at the Gate, this encounter will be successfully cleared after five minutes.

Killing the Djinn

Three Branded Djinn will spawn around the Courtyard, killing them will complete the event. One or two players (including one healer) should remain with Glenna to ensure she does not die while the squad handles the Djinn.

Each Djinn can be killed like their open-world equivalents. Players should break their break bars and burst them down.

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