W7: Key of Ahdashim Guides

In Wing 7, players continue the story from Wing 6 by chasing Qadim to the Hidden City of Ahdashim. Here they will encounter Cardinal Adina, Cardinal Sabir, and Qadim the Peerless. Wing 7, with the exception of Qadim the Peerless, is considered to be one of the easier Raid Wings.

W7: Key of Ahdashim

Gates of Ahdashim icon
Gates of Ahdashim
Key of Ahdashim, known as the "Gate", is a short non-boss encounter that starts Wing 7. Here players must help Scholar Glenna restore the Key of Ahdashim to gain access to the bosses of Wing 7.
Cardinal Adina icon
Cardinal Adina
Adina is one of the two initial bosses players can face in Wing 7. This encounter benefits from projectile mitigation and stability but otherwise requires no special roles outside of a toughness tank.
Cardinal Sabir icon
Cardinal Sabir
One of two Cardinals players must defeat in Wing 7 to progress to the final boss. Relatively easy encounter with repeatable mechanics taking place on floating platforms. This requires good crowd control and benefits from projectile destruction.
Qadim the Peerless icon
Qadim the Peerless
Qadim is a complex boss with many mechanics. It is considered one of the most difficult encounters to tank and requires specific roles, called "pylon kiters".

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