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Mistlock Madness

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Hello Gamers!

Hardstuck is bringing you the Hardstuck Mistlock Madness (HMM) a Guild Wars 2 Tournament revolving around Fractals. Watch as the teams speed through head to head LIVE on stream and see who can survive the mists!

Tournament will take place on October 9 &10 all times 2PM EST Saturday & Sunday

60 000Gold coin and 2k USD prize pool so far!

*10k gems & community chest for the winning team (sponsored by Arenanet if 8 teams sign up)

Credit to Noxxi Greenrose for the insane editing on this trailer and Setius for the amazing Artwork at the end screen.

To keep up with all our events, join the Hardstuck discord and be part of a community that looks to bring something for all players of this beautiful game.


See you in the Mists,


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