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The Hardstuck Podcast Ep. 2 – “All aboard the Meta Train”

Missed the live broadcast? Watch the full episode here. Five months ago, the Hardstuck Podcast premiered with an interview with Mightyteapot, the man behind our whole operation. We thought there would be no better ice-breaker into the field of podcasts than to hear how our community came to be from the person that started it all. In case you've missed out on that juicy Hardstuck lore, you can watch the full episode here. Since then, one of the hosts, Will, had to step down indefinitely due to significant changes in his schedule, which left the initiative pending. Now, as we wait for the return of Will, our Lord and Saviour, we've decided to continue this series of laid-back encounters. The Hardstuck Podcast returns this Saturday, January 21 at 18:00 CET • 17:00 GMT • 9:00 PT • 12:00 ET. Tune…