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Annual Raid Training Day

Hello Guild Wars 2 Community! Have you ever looked at Raid LFG? Almost all listings have something in common. They ask for KP (Kill Proof) or LI (Legendary Insights). You're new to raids so how are you supposed to do raids if you need raid experience? This event is dedicated for people like you but not only. On 19th December [UAW] is organising the Annual Raid Training Day, dedicated to training as many gamers as possible in one of the hardest end game contents. Take a break from your Christmas preparations and have some fun while learning new encounters, bosses and more about your class. And don't forget to spread the word about this event to your friends, family and your cat if it plays GW2. The day will include many different activities suited for EVERYONE. Those will include Standard Raid Trainings, Class tutoring, Commander Tutoring, Raid related information…