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The Legendary Treasure Has Been Found!

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9 days after the initial announcement, on June 11th, a secret password was inserted in an even more secret field, and after 162 tries from multiple users, the treasure hunt was conquered!

It was a fun project, we released 21 letters, and 8 of them were repetitions. Our evil plan even included releasing red herring in the code and in form of letters H, A, R, S, T, U, and C in the beginning, to make you think the password has something to do with “Hardstuck”.

In reality, it was nothing like that, the password was: “i am echo of scarlet briar

Moyrath was the first person who figured out the password and found where to input it, he won a fabulous Generation 3 Aurene Legendary Staff: Aurene's Insight (type of weapon was winner’s pick) with all materials required to create the Zhaitan variant thrown in as well!

Congratulations, incredible detective skills!

That’s not all! We know how hard the hunt was, 2nd (and only other) person to guess the correct phrase, a treasure hunter named Los, will be rewarded with 250 Mystic Coin[s].

We received some good feedback about this contest, and we hope you liked participating half as much as we liked preparing it and watching you, but above all, we hope you not only found letters for the treasure hunt but also some good information that the Hardstuck Team worked so hard on providing.

Finding The Password

Some of you requested a summary of all the letters’ locations to see what you have missed, so we prepared these graphics! You can see All the hints on our Twitter, and since the letters will be removed in the future, here is the recap of the contest with all the locations of hinted letters:

In addition, some repeating letters were not yet hinted, but many of you found them before we manage to finish releasing the clues, we didn’t even had time for hinting input field location for you:

PS: If you want, you can still enter the password while the page is up to reveal the “special mode” we prepared, but beware… Plengonauts are watching…

Most Creative Entries

Once the password field was released, a few people found it very quickly, and as we suspected the first attempts were with the word “Hardstuck”, but then… it began. So many passwords have been entered, and some of them gave us a good chuckle so they deserve an honorable mention:

  • scrambled flighter” (thank you for that, Czokalapik yoinked it for for his in game character)
  • some tried to communicate with us: “acronyms are so hard sadface
  • runaroundfornoreason
  • chair for crab isle team
  • braham fears ice
  • braham fails at core
  • a hero acrobat mice flirts
  • scramble of the mists
  • charr meat boiler fiasco” 😨

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