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Gorseval the Multifarious

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Enrage: 7 minutes. When Enraged, the updrafts around the arena will disappear and Gorseval will deal 200% damage.
Tank: Toughness.
Requires: Updraft Gliding

Gorseval aggros on a toughness tank, but the tank does not need special utilities. However, as Stability, pulls, and Immobilize are useful here, Firebrand tanks with "Stand Your Ground!", Chronomancer tanks with Into the Void (Focus 4), and Druid tanks with Vine Surge (Staff 4) and Entangle are common.

Fight Overview

Gorseval comprises three main phases with two additional split phases at 66% and 33% of its health. The boss will add a new mechanic at each phase.

The fight starts with Gorseval standing in the center of the arena. When players walk past a threshold Gorseval will aggro on the tank and the encounter will begin. Gorseval has two auto attacks: a swipe and a slam.


The squad should stand behind Gorseval to avoid each swipe, but be prepared to Dodge or apply Aegis or Stability for each of his Slam attacks.

Tanking: your goal is to point Gorseval away from your squad and keep him stationary. At the end of split phases, you can return to Gorseval early to ensure he doesn’t walk towards the stack. Gorseval has a very static attack pattern consisting of Swipe, Slam, Swipe x2, Breakbar Phase, Swipe, Slam, Swipe x2, Slam, Swipe, World Eater. This pattern resets each phase.

Additionally, adds will spawn around the arena, knocking down players and potentially stripping aegis. Pulls such as Into the Void (Focus 4) and large cleave damage such as Epidemic can handle these.

Ghostly Rampage

Known as: cc phase, breakbar phase

Once per phase Gorseval will start his Ghostly Rampage attack. In Ghostly Rampage, Gorseval will obtain a damage reflect effect, a breakbar, and will spawn black goop around the arena. Every few seconds the goop will detonate, dealing big damage and applying 25 Vulnerability on any players standing in it.

During this phase players should use crowd control skills on the boss, avoid huge burst skills to avoid dying to damage reflect, and aim to avoid standing in the goop.

Commonly, squads with adequate DPS utilize a “Fast, Fast, Slow” strategy during the breakbar phases. This means the squad quickly breaks the first two breakbars, but waits to break during the final breakbar phase until Gorseval’s health has reached ~18%. This offers players more leeway to kill Gorseval before the final World Eater. Any classes that can utilize damage negation or heal on-hit effects like Litany of Wrath should use them when doing the “Slow CC”.

World Eater

After breaking Gorseval’s breakbar, players must DPS Gorseval to phase – 66%, 33%, or 0%.

If Gorseval has not phased by a certain time he will channel World Eater, an expanding red area of effect. If this attack reaches the edges, any player standing in the arena will instantly die. Players can avoid this attack by DPSing Gorseval to phase or by killing a section of the wall, gliding to one of the four updrafts surrounding the platform, and returning to the platform after World Eater has completed.

While most squads have adequate DPS to ignore the World Eater mechanic, if the squad has lower DPS, has lost players, or has struggled with mechanics, the squad may need to break a wall. In this case all players should run to one wall, break it down, and glide to an updraft. Each updraft can only be used one time, so the squad must move to a new updraft each time.

Charged Souls

Known as: split phase

At 66% and 33% Gorseval will become invulnerable and four Charged Souls will appear, slowly walking towards him. If they reach him Gorseval will channel a World Eater attack. Immobilize, Chilled, and Crippled are used on the Charged Souls to give the squad adequate time to kill them before they reach Gorseval.

Commonly, immobilizing the Charged Souls is the responsibility of the Druid. Vine Surge (Staff 4), Natural Convergence (Celestial Avatar 5), Entangle, and Jacaranda's Embrace can all be used to keep the Souls immobilized.

Usually, the squad will start clearing souls starting from the northwest and continuing clockwise.

Spectral Darkness

Known as: orbs

Starting at 66%, Spectral Darkness will spawn around the arena. These orbs have a slowly expanding area of effect that applies a debuff (indicated by as well as ghost icon over the head) reducing damage dealt and increasing damage taken to any players standing within the area of effect. Players with this debuff will have a ghost icon floating over their heads. Killing an orb spawns two orange balls, which cleanses the debuff from a player.

There are many common ways of handling orbs. Groups with high DPS may kill Gorseval fast enough to avoid inconvenient orbs spawning. Otherwise, any ranged damage can clear orbs. However, ranged cleave is ideal so players can maintain DPS uptime on Gorseval. Often this is handled by having Necromancers take Epidemic. If you do gain the Ghost debuff, prioritize cleansing it by killing an orb and collecting its golden balls over boss DPS – the debuff makes your contribution to Gorseval extremely low!

Ghostly Prisons

Known as: eggs

Starting at 33%, Ghastly Prisons will spawn under every player. These yellow circles can be invulned, but cannot be dodged or blocked. Players should aim to stack tightly before spawn, and once the egg circles have spawned, dodge or step out of their range. Players can be broken out of eggs with cleave damage.

Eggs can be invulned but cannot be dodged or blocked. Players stuck in eggs can spam their 1 skill, and other players can cleave their egged squadmates to break them out.

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