W2: Salvation Pass Guides

In Wing 2, players continue the Wing 1 story by searching for the missing Pact soldiers in Salvation Pass. Here they will encounter Slothasor, a Bandit Camp, and Matthias Gabrel. This Wing is considered to be of middling difficulty.

W2: Salvation Pass

Slothasor icon
While a straightforward boss, most of Slothasor’s mechanics are assigned randomly, so the entire squad must be prepared for each mechanic. This encounter requires stability and crowd control, and benefits from condition cleanse and cleave damage.
Bandit Trio icon
Bandit Trio
Non-boss encounter where players protect prisoners against bandits, including fighting three mini-bosses. Bandit Trio benefits from pulls, cleave damage, and players with crowd control.
Matthias Gabrel icon
Matthias Gabrel
This encounter only requires one special role but players must bring a lot of crowd control and be prepared to handle randomly-assigned mechanics.

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