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Keep Construct

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Enrage: 10 minutes. When Enraged, Keep Construct will deal 200% damage
Tank: Toughness

Keep Construct heavily favors Power DPS due to short opportunity windows for burst DPS. Additionally, adds will spawn that must be quickly cleaved. Holosmiths, Dragonhunters, and Reapers are all common here due to their large burst cleave damage.

While Keep Construct requires a toughness tank, tanking is straightforward. Any comfortable toughness tank build is suitable here.

The encounter begins when players approach the center of the arena. The tank should remain against the edge and allow Keep Construct to approach them.


Known as: statue, adds

Two statues will light up, one on each half of the arena; the tank should bring Keep Construct to the nearest lit statue. Projections will spawn from each lit statue and will fixate on two random players. These fixated players have two goals: make each Projection die on Keep Construct and keep the two Projections from reaching each other.

When a Projection dies on Keep Construct it will remove one stack of Xera’s Embrace. Once two stacks are removed Keep Construct will gain a breakbar. Reaching and breaking this bar quickly is ideal in most scenarios.

If two Projections approach each other they will stop all other movement to merge, becoming a bright red Insidious Projection. The Insidious Projection does more damage and has a frontal smash attack that strips boons from the squad. Many groups will call for a reset if a merge occurs, so this situation should be avoided at all cost.

Generally, the closer fixate should stand on the opposite side of Keep Construct from their Projection to make their Projection walk into Keep Construct and into the squad’s cleave. The further fixate should keep an eye on the first Projection’s health, pulling their Projection slightly off group if the Projections are at risk of merging, or more typically walking through Keep Construct to pull their fixate in as well.

Xera’s Fury

Known as: Spread

Every player will gain a light orange circle. When these detonate, each circle will damage any players standing within them for 20% of their maximum health. All players except for the fixates and the tank should spread for this mechanic.

Fixates should stay on Keep Construct to ensure that the Projection will not die away from Keep Construct. Additionally, if the Projection is pulled far from Keep Construct the squad will often struggle to retarget and kill it, making an Insidious Projection merge much more likely.

Xera’s Embrace

Keep Construct will start with two stacks of Xera’s Embrace. When these are removed by killing Projections near him he will acquire a breakbar. Breaking this breakbar phases Keep Construct.

If players fail to clear Xera’s Embrace or break the bar, they must run around the arena killing small phantasms with red and white markers over their heads. If these phantasms are not killed and the breakbar is not broken quickly enough, Keep Construct will do a massive attack, typically wiping the entire group.

Players will gain red or white markers over their head, indicating which phantasms they can damage. If the squad has had fixation issues, such as an Insidious Projection merge, players must run around the room killing phantasms with matching markers.

Core Exposed Phase

Once Keep Construct’s bar has been broken Keep Construct will retreat and three green circles will spawn on the arena. Each circle must have at least two players in it by detonation or the squad will wipe.

Groups will often assign supports to two of the circles while keeping all DPS players to the last circle. By assigning all DPS to one circle the fixate can pull the Projection to the DPS group, allowing them to quickly kill it.

Remember if a support from the other two circles are fixated, one DPS player should react and switch places with the fixated Support, allowing them to pull the Projection to the DPS’s circle. If you don’t know who should switch places with the fixated support, it’s always… you.

After detonation, a pink Core will appear in the middle of the arena. The arena will also gain a pink border and five Ley Rifts along the edge.

Core pushing

Known as: orb, pushing

Each time the Core passes through a Ley Rift, Keep Construct will take 75% increased damage in the following phase.

If all five Rifts are used Keep Construct will have a 375% increased damage taken modifier. Keep Construct will respawn when the Orb is either pushed into the border of the arena or when small Retriever Projections steal the Orb.

The Core can be pushed by any attack, but pushes, pulls, and launches will work as well. One player should be assigned to handle this phase, but other players can help if requested. Often a Druid will be designated as the pusher. Druid pushers should remember to disable their pet’s attacks so their pets don’t erratically push the orb.

Number of orbs:

During this phase the squad should aim to push through enough rifts to phase Keep Construct during the damage amplified burn phase. Keep Construct phases at 66% and 33%, so if he is near that health before the Core phases only one rift is necessary. If his health is far from phase all five rifts should be captured.

Once the Core Exposed phase is over players should take advantage of his increased damage buff. If players do not DPS him to phase, Keep Construct will regain two stacks of Xera’s Embrace and the process will restart.

Magic Blast

Once Keep Construct is phased to 66% or 33%, he will become invulnerable and will start channeling a massive attack. Players will gain red or white markers over their head, and red and white balls will move towards Keep Construct. Everyone should block balls matching their marker from reaching Keep Construct.

Each ball that reaches Keep Construct will give him a stack of Xera’s Boon. 15+ stacks of Xera’s Boon will hurt the squad immensely, and 20+ stacks can often wipe the group.

Players will receive a small amount of damage from capturing the orbs. One common approach to counter this is having a Druid drop a Water Spirit on Keep Construct, so players can auto attack the boss to regenerate health.

Typically, players should aim to spread out from other players with the same colored marker. Trust your teammates – you don’t need to run across Keep Construct to capture their orbs! Instead, focus on your section.

When the boss starts moving the group should restack to heal up from the blast.

Phantasmal Blades

Keep Construct will acquire a glowing pink pool under his body and cone attacks in a radius around him. Sidestep the cones and avoid standing in the pool as it applies Torment and Confusion.

A very common strategy in this phase to cover for low experience players mistakenly standing in the pool is having a Druid cast Glyph of the Stars on top of the boss while the team is DPSing him down.

When two statues light up, the squad should run to one of them. Keep Construct will target a random player to leap on – squad can Dodge, Aegis, or Stability this attack to avoid getting knocked down. At this point, the fight will essentially restart, with Keep Construct reacquiring two stacks of Xera’s Embrace.

Hail of Fury

At 33% Keep Construct will occasionally float into the sky, dropping rocks onto the arena. The squad should treat this mechanic as though Keep Construct hasn’t moved – killing Projections where Keep Construct recently stood will strip stacks of Xera’s Embrace.

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