W3: Stronghold of the Faithful Guides

In Wing 3, players continue from Wings 1 and 2 by investigating the White Mantle in the Stronghold of the Faithful. Here they will encounter the Keep Construct and Xera. This Wing is considered to be of middling difficulty.

W3: Stronghold of the Faithful

Escort icon
An event where players escort NPC Glenna, capturing towers and avoiding one-shot mechanics. This encounter only requires Forsaken Thicket Waters and Ley-Line Gliding, but benefits from Mesmer Portal and group stability and immobs.
Keep Construct icon
Keep Construct
Keep Construct strongly favors Power DPS. This encounter requires a toughness tank, but also has an additional fixate mechanic.
Twisted Castle icon
Twisted Castle
In this encounter, players must traverse a labyrinth, hitting buttons to open doors blocking their path. This encounter has no requirements, but benefits from stability, stunbreaks, and the Forsaken Thicket Waters mastery.
Xera icon
Xera is the final boss of Wing 3. Xera is the most difficult boss in the wing, and requires all players have Ley Line gliding. Additionally, players benefit from the Forsaken Magic mastery.

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