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River of Souls

Requires: None
Recommended: High direct healing, Superspeed

While traversing the River of Souls has no hard requirements, the most common strategy requires sources of Aegis and high healing to keep both Desmina and the main group of players alive.

Additionally, squads can benefit immensely by having a source of permanentSuperspeed on Desmina, with either Scrappers using Gyros with Gyroscopic Acceleration or Holosmiths using Holo Leap on cooldown with Crystal Configuration: Zephyr.

Encounter Overview

Players must traverse a river, killing, blocking, or disabling adds that can harm Desmina.

River of Souls & Desmina

Known as: river

The river applies heavy ticking damage on all players standing on it. This damage can be blocked or dodged. Falling off of the river will instantly kill the player.

Desmina is surrounded by a protective barrier that protects players from the river’s damage. Desmina can be treated as another player – healers can apply boons on her (specifically Aegis to protect her and Swiftness or Superspeed to accelerate her movement) or heal her. If Desmina dies the encounter fails.

Ghost State

The first time a player fully dies they will enter a Ghost State. Ghostly players have the opportunity to respawn by capturing five purple orbs scattered through the river. After the fifth orb they will respawn on the river.

Commonly, squads will split into two groups, a forward group and an escort group. The escort group will talk to Desmina to start the encounter, while the forward group will use mount skills to leap to their first objective.

Forward Group

The forward group will clear the route for Desmina and the escort group. This group has two main responsibilities: staying alive and killing Enervators.

Often groups will overload on sustain. For example, an eight-player forward group may comprise of three healers and five damage dealers. Heal Scourge is common here as it can bring Sand Swell to help the group progress quickly.


Enervators spawn along the route, disabling Desmina’s protective dome and freezing her in place. Killing these Enervators will allow Desmina to respawn her dome and proceed along the river. By splitting the group, the forward group can ensure no Enervators approach Desmina.

Escort Group

The escort group sticks with Desmina, speeding her along the route and keeping her alive.

Escort group is often just two players: a Heal Firebrand and a Superspeed source.

Hollowed Bombers

Hollowed Bombers will run to Desmina, channeling a bomb and detonating her for 20% of her max health. Players can prevent the explosion by breaking the Bombers’ bars or by preventatively applying aegis to Desmina. Alternatively, Desmina can tank a detonation if the players quickly reheal her.

Spectral Rifts

Known as: rifts

Spectral Rifts will pull players towards them. These Rifts will be temporarily deactivated if hit 10 times.

Spirit Horde

Known as: skeletons

25% into the encounter, Spirit Hordes will spawn from Spectral Rifts. These small ghosts will chase Desmina and the escort group. Each individual ghost does minimal damage, but if allowed to build up these ghosts can wipe the escort group.


33% into the encounter, walls will spawn similar to Soulless Horror. These walls will knock a player into their ghost state.

Time Bombs

Time Bombs will randomly spawn on players in escort group. These have two circles, and an expanding area of effect. When the AoE reaches the inner circle the Time Bomb will lock in place, allowing the player to leave the bomb. When the AoE reaches the outer circle the bomb will detonate, Stun and damaging any players (and skeletons!) in its circle. These should be dropped at the back of Desmina’s barrier to avoid stunning allies.

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