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Soulless Horror

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Enrage: 8 minutes. When Enraged, Soulless Horror will deal 200% damage
Requires: Glider Basics or a Raptor
Tank: 2 tanks, determined by interactibles

Tanking in this encounter is not toughness-based, but tanks will take a lot of damage, making toughness useful for them. Additionally, in newer groups, the Druid may struggle to maintain healing output while handling their special mechanic. Squads may benefit from two healing tanks. Heal Firebrand tanks are good picks here.

Soulless Horror does not phase, so this encounter benefits from condition damage. Confusion and mobility skills are strong here, making this one of the best encounters for Mirage.

Mechanics will spawn semi-randomly during the fight.


Soulless Horror does not rely on a toughness tank. Instead, two players interact with runes that give them a special action key: Issue Challenge. Using this skill will make Soulless Horror fixate on that player.

Every 12 seconds, the active fixate gains a stack of Necrosis, increasing incoming damage by 40% per stack. All stacks of Necrosis will dissipate after 30 seconds of not tanking. The tanks must alternate taking fixate to juggle Necrosis.

Issue Challenge is on a 45-second cooldown. This means each tank should use their special action key every minute, or as soon as their stacks of Necrosis dissipate.

Soulless Horror’s Attacks

Soulless Horror’s attacks can heavily damage players. Tanks should aim to point her away from the stack to protect the squad.

Frontal Slam

Known as: slice

Soulless Horror will smash a hammer towards the tank. This appears as a green cone telegraphed by a cone of small yellow AoEs and can be easily sidestepped.

Corrupt the Living

Known as: spin

Soulless Horror will swing around its body. This attack applies Torment and Poisoned to any players caught by the attack.

Vortex Slash

Known as: doughnut

A large orange circle will spawn under Soulless Horror. This will fill, then deal moderate damage on all players inside. A larger ring will subsequently appear and fill, dealing massive damage (and likely one-shotting) all players inside.

This can be blocked, dodged, or invulned. Players should dodge the inner circle and avoid the outer ring. Shared invulnerability, barriers, or Aegis can be used preventatively as well.

Quad Slash

Known as: cones, small pizza

Starting at 7:30, four cones will radiate from Soulless Horror, detonate, rotate, and detonate again. Players can sidestep each set of cones.

Death Bloom

Known as: cones

Starting at 66%, eight cones will radiate from Soulless Horror, detonate, rotate, and detonate again. Every other Death Bloom will be followed by a breakbar phase.


Soulless Horror will despawn all flame walls and gain a breakbar. Failing to break this breakbar will fear all players off the platform, causing a squad wipe.

Arena Mechanics


At 90%, 66%, and 33%, the edge of the arena will disappear, killing any players standing on the disappearing edge.

Surging Souls

Known as: walls

Walls will move slowly across the arena, instantly killing any players caught in them. These cannot be dodged, blocked, or invulned. Players should move quickly to avoid dying to these one-shots.

Walls will despawn if Soulless Horror gains a breakbar.

Walls will start to appear at 7:50. The spawn rate and the number of segments in the walls are not random, but their gap locations are – instead of trying to memorize the wall spawns, players should be prepared to handle any walls. Resurrection utilities to quickly resurrect downstate players before a wall hits them and Swiftness to quickly move to safe locations are invaluable here.

Spinning Scythes

Scythes will spawn, progressing slowly across the platform in straight lines. Getting hit by the scythes will corrupt all of the player’s boons to conditions.

Flesh Wurms

The fight starts with eight Elite Flesh Wurms in the arena. These spit projectiles at players and can be cleaved down. Typically, when wall spawns allow for it tanks will rotate Soulless Horror counter-clockwise around the arena, allowing Scourges to cleave these down with Epidemic.

Tormented Dead

Known as: TD, Golem, Dead

Starting 20 seconds after 90% health, and every subsequent 20 seconds, Tormented Deads will spawn every 20 seconds, fixating on the inactive tank. Killing these will spawn a large red area of effect that deals massive damage and corrupts a player’s boons into conditions. These must die far from the group.

The common strategy for handling this mechanic involves a slightly modified Heal Druid build (Push) and one or two Scourges with Epidemic.


A Druid will typically push the Tormented Dead off of the platform with a combination of Glyph of the Tides and Point-Blank Shot.

By taking the Verdant Etching trait, the cooldown of Glyph of the Tides will line up with Tormented Dead spawns, allowing the Push Druid to prepare for each Dead.

A Scourge should use Epidemic to ensure the Tormented Dead will die when pushed off of the platform. If the Scourge uses Epidemic as soon as the Druid is in position to push, it will land on the Dead when it is adjacent to the group, ensuring that it will die even once the Druid pushes the Dead out of range of Epidemic and off of the platform.

If a push is failed and the Tormented Dead dies on the platform players should avoid walking through its damaging field. This field will disappear after one minute, but the pusher can choose to designate this failed push site as a dedicated Tormented Dead death location.

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