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Squads and Commanding icon
Squads and Commanding
Learn about squads, large-scale squad composition, and the basics of commanding a group.
World Bosses : The Compendium icon
World Bosses : The Compendium
This guide contains all the info you will ever need to quickly familiarize yourself with Core Tyria cinematic World Boss encounters.
Meta Event Train: The Compendium icon
Meta Event Train: The Compendium
Learn all about Meta Event Trains, how it works and how Hardstuck does its daily Megatrain.
The Silverwastes: Guide to RIBA icon
The Silverwastes: Guide to RIBA
Learn the Silverwastes RIBA strategy, the meta event rotation, how to defeat the Mordrem Vinewrath and how to loot your Lost Bandit Chests!

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