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Introduction to the Elementalist icon
Introduction to the Elementalist
Learn the basics of the core Elementalists' mechanics, extremely powerful casters, that won't limit themselves to hurling fireballs at range, all will often go into hand-to-hand magical combat.
Introduction to the Engineer icon
Introduction to the Engineer
This guide will introduce you to the resourceful Engineer profession, its unique "kit" mechanics, utility skills, talents, hidden mechanics, and general gameplay recommendations.
Introduction to the Guardian icon
Introduction to the Guardian
Learn everything there is to know about the most devoted fighters in the game. Find out where their fighting capabilities come from and how to use their defensive potential.
Introduction to the Mesmer icon
Introduction to the Mesmer
Mesmers are a unique profession in the MMORPG world, They are masters of illusions and deception, powerful mage-fighters that create clones of themselves and manipulate reality to distract the opponent.
Introduction to the Ranger icon
Introduction to the Ranger
Learn how to tame and control powerful pet companions, lure your enemies to your traps, snipe them with your bow, or support allies with spirits.
Introduction to the Necromancer icon
Introduction to the Necromancer
Dark arts masters who can drain the life force from nearby deaths to take the form of powerful Death Shroud, learn how to become powerful caster and summon undead minions to do your bidding.
Introduction to the Revenant icon
Introduction to the Revenant
Rip through the Mists to assassinate your target, tear the fabric of reality to deliver powerful attacks, or become a tanky brawler or skilled healer with unique gameplay. Learn how to master invoking legends of powerful villains from Guild Wars history with this guide.
Introduction to the Thief icon
Introduction to the Thief
Meet the Thief. Stealthy, sneaky, and very deadly. Learn about the initiative, stealing, utility skills, specializations, and mechanics of this profession.
Introduction to the Warrior icon
Introduction to the Warrior
Get to know the warrior! A master of weapons, the blood-thirsty warrior delivers powerful attacks while supporting their allies with shouts and their unique banners.

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