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Vale Guardian

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Enrage: 8 minutes. When Enraged, Vale Guardian will deal 200% damage.
Tank: Toughness.
Requires: Condition DPS, Boon Strip

While Vale Guardian requires there be at least one or two condition DPS, the boss as a whole favors power DPS. A combination of power and condition DPS is ideal.

This encounter requires a source of boon strip. This cannot be one of the dedicated condition DPS. Chronomancers, Condition Renegades, and Condition Scourges are all popular choices, but the condition Renegades and Scourges must be in addition to the dedicated condition DPS.

While this boss will aggro on a toughness tank, the tank does not need special utilities. Any tank build will suffice, but newer groups may prefer to avoid tank druid so the druid can focus on Seeker control.

Vale Guardian has high healing pressure. Sources of large burst heal or preventative barrier are useful for this fight.

General Mechanics

Vale Guardian comprises three main phases, with two additional split phases at 66% and 33% of its health. The boss will periodically summon three different mechanics, and starting at 66%, will occasionally gain a breakbar.

Unstable Magic Spike

Known as: blues, teleports

Vale Guardian summons blue electric fields under the 5 closest entities every 10 seconds. Starting at 33% these are summoned under the 10 closest entities. Any players standing in these fields will hear a sound cue. During the fight this sound will play for a second or two before the teleports activate – this clip is a longer example of the audio cue:

Players in teleports will also see a yellow border appear around the edge of their screen. After 2-3 seconds these fields will detonate, and any players standing in them will be ported randomly across the arena.

These ports can be side-stepped, dodged, invulned, or blocked. However, the fields stack, making Aegis unreliable. While players can aegis a single port, if they are standing in multiple ports the aegis will be stripped and the player will be ported.


Seekers are red orbs that do very high damage – stacking multiple can one-shot a player. Seekers will spawn at the center of each third of the arena and last for 20 seconds, before being replaced by new seekers. Knockbacks, immobs, chills, and cripples can be used to keep these off of the group. Often seeker control is handled by Druids using Glyph of the Tides or by Chronomancers using Temporal Curtain (Focus 4).

Commonly, seeker control is the responsibility of the Druid. Alternating between Glyph of the Tides and Entangle should be enough to keep them off of the group. As you become more comfortable Entangle may not be necessary – Vine Surge (Staff 4) or Natural Convergence (Celestial Avatar 5) can be used instead. Be sure to be out of Celestial Avatar before using Glyph of the Tides, or you will pull the seekers into the group instead of pushing them out!

Distributed Magic

Known as: greens

Greens damage all players for 80% of their max health unless four players are standing inside the circle at the time of detonation. Greens spawn within the third of the arena that the Vale Guardian is standing in. However, typically groups allow the greens to detonate and rely on the healers to survive. This is to avoid dividing the squad by sending players to handle greens.

If tanking greens, healers should be on the lookout for detonations. The squad should be at max health before the green detonates but the healers should have burst heal skills available to recover health after the detonation. Barrier can help preemptively mitigate this damage, reducing the pressure on the healers.

Magic Storm

Known as: CC, breakbar

Every 30 seconds starting at 66% and 33% Vale Guardian will gain a breakbar and spawn damaging balls of energy. During this phase the Vale Guardian will not move and green circles will not spawn.

Note: Any green mechanic that’s already spawned will continue, so be mindful of the pressure it might cause.

Generally, the breakbar should be broken as fast as possible. However, if players are down, focus on resurrecting and stabilizing over breaking the bar as the green circle mechanic will not spawn during this phase. Be careful with which skills you use – a misplaced pull can bring seekers onto the stack, wiping the squad.

Pre Event

Upon entering Spirit Vale, players will see three Vale Guardian Divisions. Each division has one of the major mechanics of the fight. When each Division reaches 0% health, players must break a breakbar to fully kill it.

  • The Red Guardian summons seekers. It has very high toughness, so it will primarily take damage from the condition DPS.
  • The Blue Guardian summons the green circle. The Blue Guardian spawns with a buff that prevents all damage – boon strip is required to damage it.
  • The Green Guardian summons teleports.

Boss Encounter

The arena is divided into three sections. Starting at 66% one section of the arena will light up and pulse damage onto any players standing on it. At 33% two sections of the arena will light up. The tank should position to limit the movement required by the stack while avoiding arena floor damage.

Phase 1

Two tanking strategies exist: edge tanking and center tanking. The center tanking strategy is usually used in more organized groups. When edge tanking, start at the south-eastern edge of the arena.

Right from the beginning of the fight, you will be dealing with all the mechanics mentioned above: greens, teleports, and seekers. Be prepared for the first set of teleports, which spawn right at the start of the encounter. Be careful when dodging these teleports; walls will form around the arena, and any players outside will be instantly killed.

Split Phases

At 66% and 33% Vale Guardian will split into three Vale Guardian Divisions, colored red, green, and blue. Players will attune to one of the thirds of the arena and will be damaged when entering a radius around any Vale Guardian Divisions they are not attuned to.

Note: Before splitting into groups, check if there is a green mechanic on the platform, if there is, everyone should wait in place for it to explode (if you chose to ignore the mechanic) and heal to 100% before going to your pylons.

Two or three condition damage dealers should be sent to the Red Guardian while the rest of the group should move to the Blue Guardian. Be sure to have a source of the boon strip in the Blue Guardian group. During the split phase players should do the “green” mechanic (enter green circles) because allowing the green to detonate will likely wipe the group at the Red Guardian.

Because all of the Divisions aggro on the closest player, one player at the Blue Guardian should pull the Green Guardian’s aggro onto the stack at the Blue Guardian (very often it’s a healer with a ranged attack). Once pulled, the squad should stack tightly to avoid covering the green circle in teleports.

Often, it is the Druid’s responsibility to pull the Green Guardian. Make sure to heal the stack, especially if a green lines up with the split phase, then pull Green Guardian’s aggro and return to the stack on the Blue Guardian. You will need to keep healing as players will be attuned to the Blue Guardian but be standing in the Green Guardian’s AoE.

Phase 2

After the 66% split, return to the original tanking location. The northeast (green pylon) section of the arena will light up, damaging any players standing on this section. Every 20 seconds the lit section will rotate clockwise, from green to blue to red – make sure to be standing just south of the split. When the northeastern section fades, move to just north of the split, as the south section will be the next to light up.

At 33% the split phase will repeat once again, after which you will progress to last part of the fight.

Phase 3

After the 33% split, two sections will light up. The southern (red pylon) section of the arena will be the first safe section. The safe section will again rotate clockwise around the area; to avoid being caught by the damaging floor the tank should constantly “chase” the furthest safe edge as shown in the Phase 3 animation.

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