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Enrage: 11 minutes. When Enraged, Samarog will deal 500% damage
Requires: Pushes, immobilizes, and crowd control
Tank: Proximity

Power damage is preferable here, as Samarog phases every 10% of its health. Power Renegades, Holosmiths, Daredevils, and Warriors are useful here due to their high capacity for crowd control and bursty DPS. All players should bring a reasonable number of CC skills. For example, Firebrands can take Sanctuary, Necromancers Spectral Grasp and Wail of Doom (Warhorn 4), Mesmers Gravity Well or Signet of Humility, and Thieves Basilisk Venom. Thieves will also have access to the stolen skill, Throw Magnetic Bomb.

To reach the boss, players leaving Mursaat Overseer must collect keys to open a door to the arena. Players should interact with the door and four piles of rubble to find each of the four keys. Piles will only become visible if you have interacted with the door and are near the pile. Alternatively, any thief character can pick the door, skipping this puzzle phase.

Samarog’s arena is surrounded by spears. Entering these spears once the fight has started will instantly kill you.

Most of Samarog’s skills are knockbacks, so players should Dodge, avoid, block, or use Stability to avoid dying to the arena. However, avoiding Samarog’s attacks is easy as each of boss attacks are heavily telegraphed and it moves very slowly.

The boss will initially fixate the first player entering the arena. Subsequently, the furthest player at the start of each phase (split and 10% breakbar phases) will become the tank.


Samarog will rear up, slamming its spears on the ground, emitting a shockwave. Players can jump or Dodge the shockwave to avoid its knockback. The tank can simply walk into Samarog’s hitbox and dodge backward at impact to avoid the wave.

Stability can prevent this knockback but Aegis or Blocks do not.


Samarog will slam one spear on the ground in front of it, dealing massive damage. This attack can be avoided by standing behind or just inside the back of Samarog’s hitbox.


Samarog will swing its spears in arcs in front of it, flinging players backwards. This attack can be avoided by standing behind or just inside the back of Samarog’s hitbox. If blocking this attack, players should be prepared to block multiple swings.

Every 10% Samarog will leap onto the fixated player and gain a breakbar. The rest of the squad must break Samarog’s bar to save the fixated player.

The fixated player can be healed, so main healers or players with heavy crowd control should avoid becoming the tank.

Once the fixated player is rescued or fully dies, Samarog will fixate again on the furthest player.

Often the fixated player will /gg during the final breakbar, at 10% health. This will skip the breakbar and can speed up the kill. However, if the squad is already down some players, has extremely fast crowd control, or the fixate has an important support role they should not /gg and instead wait for the bar to be broken.

In addition to Samarog’s attacks, spears will spawn around the arena. These are telegraphed as red circles. Walking into the areas of effect around the spear will damage players for 40% of their maximum health. These spears can be cleaved or their breakbars can be broken to clear space.

Starting at 66% Samarog will occasionally pull these spears to it. These will be telegraphed by large red arrows and can be dodged, blocked, or simply avoided.

Split Phases

At 66% and 33%, Samarog will retreat, and two adds will spawn. Players must push the smaller add, Rigom underneath Samarog while killing the larger add, Guldhem.

Guldhem and Rigom have a damage-sharing mechanic. Damage done to Guldhem when his shield is up will transfer to Rigom, manifesting in a large damage explosion when Rigom reaches zero health. Rigom will then heal back to full. Additionally, if the adds are near each other they will receive less damage and deal more damage. If Rigom’s explosion hits Samarog, Guldhem will lose his shield, allowing the squad to kill him.

Guldhem does low damage but will throw an exploding stun attack at the furthest player every 20 seconds. A player can bait this attack, or use dodges, blocks, or stunbreaks.

Often the Druid will handle Rigom control.

Glyph of the Tides or Point-Blank Shot (Longbow 4) can push Rigom under Samarog, and Natural Convergence (Celestial Avatar 5), Entangle, Vine Surge (Staff 4), and Jacaranda's Embrace can keep Rigom there.

However, any class with Immobilize is helpful here, such as Guardians with Chains of Light (Scepter 3).

Every 33% of Guldhem’s health he will regain his shield, so if Rigom is not immobilized he must be pushed back under Samarog to restrip Guldhem’s shield. Once Guldhem is killed Rigom can be killed to end the add phase.

Inevitable Betrayal

Known as: friends, buddies, doughnut

Starting at 66% Samarog will target two random players with Inevitable Betrayal. One player will have a large orange circle, and one player will have a small green circle. These two players must stack on each other, or the player with the large circle will be downed by a spawning spear. Any other players in the larger circle at detonation will be downed.

The player targeted by the larger circle should exit the group and stop moving to allow the smaller circle to stack on them. These two players should be cautious of Samarog’s knockback attacks during this mechanic, either by standing behind the boss and jumping over any shockwaves or by using Stability.

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