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Twin Largos

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Timer: 2 minutes per platform. If you run out of time the squad will wipe
Enrage: Once one boss is defeated the other boss will enrage, dealing 200% damage
Tank: Two Toughness tanks
Requires: Condition Cleanse, Jackal Portal mastery, Glider Basics

The Twin Largos encounter heavily favors condition DPS due to many fast-paced mechanics.

In this encounter, the squad will split into two groups to handle each of the Twins. This means the squad must have two groups capable of operating independently, with a tank, healing, and boons for each group.

The tanks do not require special utilities, so any class can tank. less experienced groups (and tanks) may benefit from the blocks and stability of Heal Firebrand tanks or the role compression of Chronomancer tanks.

Both of the bosses will frequently apply conditions such as Poisoned, Chilled, Slow, Torment, and Vulnerability. Both groups should have ready access to condition cleanse. Additionally, each mechanic hits extremely hard. While experienced groups may face low healing pressure by simply avoiding these mechanics, less experienced groups should bring two main healers.

This encounter is one of the best encounters for Confusion, as the bosses have very high attack rates. This makes Condition Mirage with its high confusion output and multiplicity of evades the best DPS for this encounter.

Sorting and Appraisal

After defeating the Conjured Amalgamate you can advance through Jackal Portals to reach Sorting and Appraisal.

Players should follow Skritt through Jackal Portals to face one of two minigames: Ectoplasm or Minipets. These minigames rotate weekly.

Ectoplasm: players must kill dividing ectoplasms. The first ectoplasm will split into a group, of which one will be vulnerable and the rest will be shielding. Each vulnerable ectoplasm should be killed in order to progress.

Minipets: minipets will spawn and must be prepared for shrinking. Players should bait these onto platforms with symbols matching the symbol over the minipet’s head, then break their bars and phase them on their respective platform. When they are ready to be shrunken players should pull them through the shrinking beam in the center of the room.

After defeating the minigame Zomorros will bring the players to a room filled with piles of treasure.

The Dreg Shark will jump from pile to pile, showering the squad with gold that deals heavy damage. Players can use a “Dreg Shark Extractor” bomb on the Shark’s current pile to bait it into the center of the room, allowing you to damage it. Break the Shark’s breakbar within five seconds, or it will leap back into the treasure. Once the breakbar is broken the Shark will be vulnerable for ten seconds. If not killed, the shark will leap back into treasure forcing the squad to repeat this process.

From here players can use a Jackal Portal to enter the Fountain Room.


In this encounter, players must avoid water. The water surrounding the Twin Largos’ platforms, the Twin Largos’ attacks, and ambient mechanics on the platforms all apply stacks of  Waterlogged, a debuff that will apply Slow and Chilled. If a player gains 10 stacks of Waterlogged they will die. Block, evade, invuln, or simply side step every mechanic you encounter.

Phase 1: Nikare 100%-50%

The encounter will begin when players leap into the first water fountain. The whole squad will encounter Nikare, the first of the Twin Largos.

Aquatic Detainment

Known as: bubbles, small AoEs

Every 23 seconds Nikare will slash the air in front of him with his two swords which will create small orange circles under every player.

Anyone standing in these circles at detonation will be floated into the air, take ticking damage, and be unable to use any skills apart from stunbreak for four seconds.

Players will hear an audio cue for both spawn and detonation. These circles can be sidestepped, dodged, blocked, or distorted. While they can also be blocked by Aegis, this is unreliable as aegis will only block one detonation. If circles are stacked the player will be lifted by the second detonation.


Known as: big AoEs

Every 10 seconds, if Nikare isn’t doing any other mechanics, large orange circles will appear under two random people on the platform.

When these detonate they will knockback, and while the damage from this explosion is negligible, they will apply stacks of Waterlogged and potentially knock players off of the platform.

These can be blocked, evaded, distorted, or sidestepped.

Tidal Pool

Known as: pool

Every 13 seconds, a random non-tank player will receive a timed tidal pool, that will drop an expanding water area of effect after five seconds.

Targeted players should move to one edge of the platform and wait for this pool to spawn before returning to the group.

The squad should aim to keep these pools sequestered in one area of the platform. The targeted player will see a text in their chatbox, receive a distinctive mark over their model, hear rushing water, and have reduced attack and movement speed. If the player leaves the platform the pool will drop on their last location.

Vapour Rush

Known as: dashes

Every 23 seconds, Nikare will chain three fast dash attacks. He will dash towards the furthest player twice, then back towards the tank. Players hit by this dash will receive heavy damage, as well as Chilled and Slow. Dodge this attack.

The tank can be targetted by Nikare’s second dash: be ready to Dodge or block!

When Nikare has been brought to 50% health the north water fountain will activate, allowing the group to jump to the second platform.

Phase 2: Kenut 100%-50%

On the second platform, players will face Kenut, Nikare’s twin. As compared to Nikare, Kenut’s attacks follow a consistent 20 second attack pattern and can be predicted. She will first use her Vapour Jet, then a Sea Swell or Cyclone Burst, then the other of Sea Swell and Cyclone Burst.

Additionally, Kenut’s platform will have three water tornadoes. These will path from corner to corner, moving approximately clockwise. Standing in these tornadoes will apply damage, Slow, Chilled, and Waterlogged: players should avoid standing in these tornadoes.

Vapour Jet

Known as: steal

Every 20 seconds Kenut will stealth and teleport to the furthest player on the platform. She will reappear with a small orange rectangular attack in front of her; anyone standing in this rectangle will receive damage, Poisoned, and have their boons stolen.

Players should aim to avoid getting their boons stolen but should bring boonstrip and boon corrupt skills in case they are caught by this attack.

One player should “Kite” Kenut’s steal attack. Every 20 seconds they should aim to be the furthest player from her, and quickly dodge out of her rectangular attack.

Sea Swell

Known as: shockwave

Kenut will pulse an orange circle, then blast a water swell across the platform knocking back players. This attack deals heavy damage and knocks you back into tornadoes or off the platform. Dodge, jump, or otherwise evade this mechanic.

If the group is stacked on Kenut they can jump just after the orange circle, hopping over this attack.

Cyclone Burst

Water will flow from Kenut, forming various circles on the platform. This attack does not deal heavy damage, but Kenut will gain Might for every player hit, and will apply Torment.

You should aim to sidestep this attack, and save their dodges for less forgiving attacks.

When Kenut has been brought to 50% health the northeast and northwest water fountains will activate, allowing you to jump to the third platforms.

Phase 3: Split Platform 1

The squad should split, sending a subgroup to the left and right platforms. Here players will face Nikare and Kenut respectively. Each boss will have the same mechanics as before with one additional mechanic: Aquatic Barrage.

Aquatic Barrage

Known as: CC

Nikare and Kenut will gain breakbars, spin, and shoot out water bolts that deal heavy damage.

These bolts will stretch across the arena, hitting everyone on the other platform; if you are hit by a Kenut flurry on the Nikare platform you will be dazed for two seconds.

Players must quickly break these breakbars, and can mitigate the projectile damage by using projectile destruction skills such as Sublime Conversion (Druid Staff 5).

Each group can advance to the final platform once they have brought their respective boss to 25% health.

Phase 4: Split Platform 2

The squad will face one final mechanic on the final platform: Aquatic Aura. This stacking debuff will increase players’ incoming damage by 2% every three seconds.

Finally, once one of the Twins has been defeated the other Twin will Enrage. The Enraged Twin will deal extremely heavy damage; everyone should aim to have even DPS on the Twins. The group that kills first can use fountains to help the rest of their squad.

Portal Strategy

While generally considered a more dangerous strategy, some groups employ Mesmers with Portal Entre to keep the squad together through the entire fight.

We do not recommend this strategy as we find it overcomplicates and adds volatility into the fight.

  • Experienced groups typically avoid this strategy as they can survive as two subgroups.
  • Inexperienced groups often struggle with handling an enranged boss for 25% of their health as practically every attack is a one-shot.

However, if a group is able to hit the DPS checks and sustain through enrage and is just constantly having to resurrect players, or if a group has extremely volatile DPS making coordinating damage difficult, Portal Strategy allows the squad to remain together and ignore the coordinated DPS check.

The general steps are as follows:

  1. DPS Nikare to 50%
  2. DPS Kenut to 50%
  3. The squad moves right, Mesmer moves left, drops portal, then returns to the squad
  4. DPS Kenut to 25%
  5. Mesmer opens a portal, the squad takes it to Nikare
  6. DPS Nikare to 25%
  7. The squad moves around to Kenut (without touching Nikare’s final platform)
  8. Kill Kenut
  9. Move to Nikare
  10. Kill enraged Nikare

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