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Envoy Armor

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This guide will walk you through each item and step required for the two Envoy Armor achievements. Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor is unlocked when you open your first raid boss coffer. Envoy Armor II: Refined Armor will be unlocked after completing Envoy Armor I.

In addition to unlocking Legendary Armor, these achievements are great ways to get inexpensive stat-selectable ascended armor. Both achievements will reward you with a full set of stat-selectable ascended armor, with the second set acting as a precursor for your legendary armor.

Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor

Infused Living Crystal

Starting from the Ley-Line Confluence Waypoint , go north to Nuhoch Lane. You will find a cave entrance on the east side. Inside this cave is a platform where multiple earth elementals spawn.

Once all the Earth Elementals have been killed, the wall behind them will open. Inside is another Earth Elemental that will drop ((636174)) on defeat.

Bring this crystal to the Spirit Vale (Wing 1) and kill the Vale Guardian. Once cleared, interact with one of the three pillars around the Vale Guardian’s arena to capture its energy with your living crystal. This will transform the crystal into an Infused ((636174)).

Infused Soul Mirror

A ((636846)) can be acquired from the temple north of Northwatch Waypoint in Auric Basin. Speak to Burnisher Kengo and he will give you the mirror.

Note: Burnisher Kengo will not speak to you during parts of the Auric Basin meta. All mirrors must be activated and the event “Collect sediment from the fallen Exalted for Arcanist Mariette” must be finished.

Bring ((636846)) to Spirit Run in the Spirit Vale (Wing 1).

Before starting the event, one member in your squad must carry the spectral torch. This player must carry this torch to the end of the cemetery – if they are downed or weapon swap the torch will disappear, forcing you to wait for a week to infuse your Soul Mirror. Typically this means a class that relies heavily on its utility skills and isn’t bursting down walls will carry the torch, such as an Alacrity Renegade.

Once the Cemetery has been cleared, the torchbearer can interact with a brazier next to a mushroom to the right before Gorseval’s Perch . Once placed, interact with the brazier with the ((636846)) in your inventory to get the Infused Soul Mirror.

Note: A chest will spawn near the lit torch. Looting this chest is not enough, you must interact with the brazier. Additionally, leaving and reentering the instance will remove your eligibility. Remember to bring your uninfused Soul Mirror!

Tormented Aurillium

first, you need to buy a Polished AurilliumPolished Aurillium from any Faction Provisioner, once acquired using the item during or before Navigating Through the Twisted Castle event and gaining 18 stacks of Madness will grant Tormented Aurillium 

Auric Energy Crystal

You will acquire an ((636761)) from defeating the Vale Guardian.

Bring this crystal to the inner chamber of Tarir. Approaching Glint’s Egg will bring up a dialogue box, transforming your crystal to an Auric Energy Crystal automatically.

Spirit Weave

The Spirit Weave is constructed from five ((637984)), dropped from Gorseval the Multifarious. Gorseval will only drop one per weekly raid clear, so it will take you a minimum of five weeks to collect all the Spirit Threads.

Killing a Chak Gerent during the meta event in Tangled Depths will energize one ((637984)) in your inventory. Double clicking a stack of five ((637923)) will transform them into the Spirit Weave.

Note: While each Chak Gerent kill only energizes one spirit thread, you can kill multiple Chak Gerent in one meta cycle. Tagging all four Chak Gerent successfully will allow you to energize four Spirit Threads in a single meta event.

Coagulated Ectoplasm

Ten ((638973)) can be combined to a Coagulated Ectoplasm by double-clicking. Ectoplasmic Residue is looted from the hidden chests in Spirit Vale (Wing 1), Salvation Pass (Wing 2), and Stronghold of the Faithful (Wing 3).



Core of Flame

The Core of Flame is looted from Sabetha the Saboteur’s chest after her defeat.

Arcane Dust

((652817)) is looted from Matthias Gabrel’s coffer after his defeat.

Looting the chest at the top of the Inner Chamber of Tarir, where the Sanctum Scramble Adventure ends will give you ((685044)). You don’t need to do the adventure, but it can give you some mobility options if you do not have a mount.

Once both items are acquired, consuming either one will transform them into Arcane Dust.

Mushroom Medley

The Champion Mushroom Emperor near the Order of Whispers Outpost drops a ((678803)).

Slothasor in Salvation Pass (Wing 2) will drop a ((647577)).

Get one Orrian Truffle[s] and one Sawgill Mushroom[s] from your material storage or the Trading Post. Consuming either the ((678803)) or the ((647577)) with all four mushrooms in your inventory will create a Mushroom Medley.

Giant Beehive

A destructible Giant Beehive is located high in a tree at the southern end of the body of water next to the Prison Camp in Salvation Pass (Wing 2). Shooting it down will spawn an interactable Giant Beehive in the water below which gives you the required item.

The Giant Beehive can be accessed by a mini jumping puzzle. This starts at a tree with a wooden path surrounding it at the southwest side of the map. Jump your way up to the top of a platform with a spirit standing on it who disappears as soon as you step on the platform. Look up and you will spot the Giant Beehive. Use a long-range attack to shoot it down.

Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters

After killing Matthias Gabrel, walk into any of the four fountains in the temple and a dialog box will appear.

Note: This can only be done in an instance where you just killed Matthias. Leaving and rejoining an instance, or joining someone else’s instance will not work, you will need to kill him again.

Spirit Quest Tonic

After acquiring Arcane Dust, Mushroom Medley, Giant Beehive, and Vial[s] of Forsaken Thicket Waters consume any one of these to create a Spirit Quest Tonic.

Bloodstone Fragment

Bloodstone Fragment is looted from Matthias Gabrel.

Bloodstone Battery (Charged)

First, you need to get ((697337)) from McLeod the Silent’s Chest, obtained by completing the Escort event in Stronghold of the Faithful (Wing 3).

Bring this battery to Rata Novus and make your way to the Rata Novus Commander Center by going through this tunnel:

If the command center is not retaken, there will be a lot of deadly turrets and lasers. These can be bypassed by running through quickly on a mount, or by completing the Building Rata Novus Back up event chain.

Once you go inside, go to the second floor and interact with the socket to get Bloodstone Battery (Charged).

Soul of the Keep

Collect a ((696512)) after defeating Keep Construct.

Next, find yourself a Veteran Chak Lobber or Chak Slinger and get hit by its Goop attack. Consume the ((696512)) while under the Goop effect to get the Soul of the Keep.

Spirit Strings

Purchase Itzel Spirit Poison from an Itzel Mastery Vendor or Xochitl for 100 Airship Part[s] and 1 gold, then use it while killing the Keep Construct.

The Itzel Spirit Poison must be active when opening the coffer. Try to activate the Itzel Spirit Poison before the fight so you do not accidentally open the coffer without the effect active. However, if you forget to apply the effect beforehand, or do not open the coffer until much later, interact with the Itzel Spirit Poison again before opening the coffer. If you open the coffer without the effect you will need to wait for a week to get another coffer.

Blood-Stone Infused Ectoplasm

Open any of the three hidden chests in the Twisted Castle to acquire this item. These can be looted in any Twisted Castle instance, cleared or otherwise. It is easier to complete the encounter first, so you can glide to the hidden chests.

White Mantle Ritual Goblet

The White Mantle Ritual Goblet is looted from Xera’s chest after her defeat.

Experimental Armor

Upon completing Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor you will obtain a chest of stat-selectable armor. This is not your precursor set. Generally, it is recommended to select a weight of armor (Light, Medium, or Heavy) that you do not plan to start with for your Legendary Armor. This is because of the Legendary Armory.

For example, if you intend to first make Legendary Heavy Armor you should select light or medium armor as the reward for the first envoy armor collection. As you plan to make Legendary Heavy Armor, you will need to select heavy armor for your second envoy armor collection, to obtain the Legendary Heavy Armor precursors. Once you have finished making your Legendary Heavy Armor you will be able to use this on all of your Heavy Armor classes. If you had selected the Heavy Armor option for the reward from Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor then it would now be obsolete. By selecting a different weight class for your reward you have an stat-selectable ascended armor set to tide you over until you unlock your Legendary Light and Medium Armor.

Envoy Armor II: Refined Armor

Crystalline Heart

Talk to the Armor Master Craftsmen in Lion’s Arch with 100 Crystalline Ingots in your inventory to receive a Crystalline Heart. These Crystalline Ingots are crafted using Crystalline Ore collected from Noxious Pods in Dragon’s Stand.

Imbuing the Crystalline Heart

The rest of the tasks for this achievement involve using the Crystalline Heart in different circumstances. Using the Crystalline Heart does not destroy it, rather one heart is used repeatedly for all of these tasks.

The Crystalline Heart tasks in Bastion of the Penitent (Wing 4) require you to use your heart before every attempt. Remember to use your Crystalline Heart again if your squad wipes between attempts!

Vine Heart

After participating in the “Battle for Tarir” meta event in Auric Basin, use the Crystalline Heart in your inventory.

Note: Battle for Tarir does not need to succeed.

Burning Heart

After completing the Volcanic Fractal use the Crystalline Heart in your inventory.

Frozen Heart

After completing the Snowblind Fractal use the Crystalline Heart in your inventory.

Windy Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart after getting hit by the “Wing Buffet” skill from a Wyvern.

There are Four Wyverns that work for the Windy Heart:

  1. Legendary Wyvern Patriarch in the Verdant Brink Canopy
  2. Legendary Wyvern in the Verdant Brink Canopy
  3. “Slay the Wyvern!” Event in the Wyvern Cliffs
  4. Wyvern Matriarch that spawned during the Qadim Raid Encounter

All of these Wyverns have similar “Wing Buffet” animations. Here is one example from the Qadim encounter.

Sodden Heart

After completing the Aquatic Ruins Fractal use the Crystalline Heart in your inventory.

Ley-Infused Heart

In Dragon’s Stand where the final fight against Mordremoth takes place go underneath the platform numbered 5 and use the Crystalline Heart while standing on the lowest rock.

Cultivated Heart

While standing at the Flax Node Farm in The Great Tree use the Crystalline Heart.

The path from the Ogre Camp Waypoint to the Flax Node Farm

Penitent Heart

While in the Bastion of the Penitent (Wing 4) use the Crystalline Heart.

Jade Heart

Activate the Crystalline Heart before starting the fight with Cairn the Indomitable in the Bastion of the Penitent (Wing 4) and beat the boss fight without getting hit by Spatial Manipulation by standing in the green circles.

Note: Many groups will ignore the green mechanic. Your eligibility for Jade Heart will disappear if you do not successfully do the mechanic, or if you go down during the encounter. This means you must either look for greens that only require one player in them to protect from Spatial Manipulation, or get assistance from your squad. Alternatively, the Challenge Mote version of this encounter forces people to do the green mechanic, which may make getting the Jade Heart easier.

Protected Heart

Activate the Crystalline Heart before starting the fight with Mursaat Overseer in Bastion of the Penitent (Wing 4) and manage to kill the boss while getting the Protect buff at least once during the fight.

The Protect buff will grant temporary invulnerability.

Note: Often Protect isn’t required for a kill. Tell your Protect player to be sure to use it, and stick with them to be sure to get the buff.

Tormented Heart

Activate the Crystalline Heart before starting the fight with Samarog in Bastion of the Penitent (Wing 4) and get hit by the explosion which occurs from Rigom dying.

NOTE: Experienced groups will typically push Rigom under Samarog before his first explosion. Tell your group if you need to be caught by this explosion so they will let him detonate before pushing him under Samarog.

Demonic Heart

Activate the Crystalline Heart before starting the fight with Deimos and survive the entire encounter.

Redeemed Heart

After completing all the other hearts head to the Tree of Solitude and /kneel in front of the tree. This can be in any cleared instance.

Refined Armor

Completing the Envoy Armor II: Refined Armor collection, will give you a weight-class set of stat-selectable ascended armor. This armor set is a precursor to your Legendary Armor. Select the weight of your planned Legendary Armor set, and whatever stats you want. If you select the incorrect stat do not change its stats in the Mystic Forge. This will transform your precursor into a non-precursor ascended armor.

The other two precursor sets can be crafted by level 500 Armorsmiths, Leatherworkers, and Tailors for Heavy, Medium, and Light armor respectively. The recipes for each precursor can be purchased from Master Craftsperson merchants such as the Master Armorsmith merchant in Lion’s Arch.

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